Delivery & Returns Policy


Shipping is free of charge. It usually takes 2 to 10 days to deliver your parcel. 

However, returns are always at your own charge. 

When you make a purchase on our website, you have 14 working days to return or exchange the item you purchased. 

If you make a return or exchange because you have changed your mind, your item must have been handled only on an extremely clean carpet so that it remains in a perfect condition. The same applies to the original packaging. If you return or exchange something that has been treated differently or obviously worn beyond just checking the fit, we will not refund you.

Ghazal reserves all rights to appreciate whether the returned or exchanged item and the original packaging are in perfect condition to be returned or exchanged.

Once we have received your return or exchange (items and original packaging) and we are fully satisfied it is in perfect condition (which remains at our sole discretion), we will refund the original payment card within 14 business days.

Where we cannot accept your return or exchange, we will be unable to proceed to reimbursement and may contact you to suggest other options if possible and at our sole discretion.


Items purchased at a discount can be returned or exchanged within seven (7) working days at your sole charge. 


Shipping for returns will be on your own charge. Here is an estimated cost for one pair of shoes: 

Europe: €10 (ten euros)

United Kingdom: €12 (twelve euros). Some import or governmental duties may apply. 

USA, China & ROW: €20 to €30 (twenty to thirty euros). Some import or governmental duties may apply. 


If you have any requests, please email us at