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How does it work?

You will be able to try our shoes exclusively and walk with style. By sharing your experience and publishing a review on the social network, you become part of a transparent and honest process of production. Together we share, together we care.

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Why you will love it

The Ambassador program is a unique opportunity to try handmade in Italy luxury shoes. Whether you are an influencer fashionista or an active woman aiming at levelling up her wardrobe with outstanding accessories, you are at the right place. Join our community and offer us your genuine review!


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The process explained

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    You apply online

    We carefully choose the winners so that we optimize the test.


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    You receive the shoes

    We ship the shoes to your delivery address. You try them.


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    You write down your experience

    We want to know everything about the fit, the beauty, the size, the leather... Every single aspect of your experience counts!


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    You share

    Your insights will guide our new customers through the process of purchasing a pair.