How to Clean Shoes

Polish, Clean & Protect Your Shoes In a Proper Way

How can I clean my shoes at home?

Ghazal products are handcrafted using the highest quality materials. Our intention is not only to create beautiful pieces that will transcend time through timeless style, but durability with the correct care. This guide is a reference for how to clean shoes at home.

White shoe box

Storage: We recommend storing your Ghazal shoes in their satin care bags placed inside a shoebox, away from direct sunlight and heat. Shoes with crystal rhinestones and/or metal hardware should be kept in such a way that the accessories are not leaning on any outer fabric of the shoes which could create indentation.


Shape: Over time, your shoes will naturally begin to mould to the shape of your foot however, to maintain the shape and longevity of your shoes we recommend stuffing your Ghazal shoes with either white tissue paper or using a shoe tree.

The shoe-making process

Heels: Through extensive wear the heel tips of your Ghazal pumps, mid-heels, mules and platforms shoes may begin to deteriorate. We recommend changing heel tips as they start to wear, ahead of when the inner heel begins to show. This not only protects the heel, but also ensures your stability when wearing your heels and will help retain the shape of the shoe. Heel tips can be changed quickly and with ease via a reputable cobbler.


Soles: The soles of your Ghazal shoes are made from a smooth, delicate leather that will be subject to marking from the first wear. This is not a manufacturing fault, it’s normal wear and tear of a leather sole shoe. We recommend avoiding walking on wet surfaces, as this could alter the structure of the soles and may even lead to staining of the upper.

For our chunky sole boots we advise to remove any surface dirt by simply wiping with a clean, damp cloth. We strongly do not recommend replacing the Ghazal original soles as this may alter the entire structure of the shoes.

The shoe-making process

Embellishments: Rhinestone crystals and metal detailing on Ghazal shoes are delicately placed by hand. Therefore, it’s important to ensure any hardware embellishments are kept out of contact of the upper fabrication as this may cause the material to indent, scratch, or tear.

Ensure the shoes are stored in their care bags in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the fabric.

We recommend avoiding contact with any liquids such as water, alcohol, oils, and solvents. Should any hardware embellishments encounter any liquid, pat dry with a cloth immediately.

Lining:  To preserve the lining of your Ghazal shoes, gently remove any surface dirt with a clean damp cloth.

How do you deep clean dirty shoes? In the case your ghazal shoes become soiled, we recommend taking them to a reputable cobbler to have them professionally cleaned.

The process of cleaning shoes

For more assistance please contact us directly at and we will be very happy to advise you.

How to clean leather shoes

As with all animal skins, Nappa leather will naturally wrinkle and soften with age. You can gently remove surface dirt using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

How to polish shoes: We recommend using a neutral leather conditioner to maintain the softness of the leather however, we strongly encourage you to spot test the product before applying all over the leather. Ensure shoes are thoroughly dry before wear.

Metallic leather: This particularly delicate form of leather uses a laminated finish to provide a smooth and glossy surface which makes it particularly sensitive to marking, so we recommend avoiding contact with any abrasive objects and surfaces. To clean, gently remove surface dirt with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Do not apply any leather care products on metallic leather.

How to clean suede shoes

Gently remove surface dirt and unify the pile of the fabric with a soft suede brush. To maintain the richness of colour, always store Ghazal shoes in their care bags away from any direct light or heat.

As an extra measure, we encourage using a waterproofing spray to help protect the suede from any light water contact. Remember to always spot test products first to ensure colourfastness.

The process of cleaning shoes

How to clean patent leather shoes

Patent leather is achieved through a varnish coating providing a durable outer layer for your shoes and the smooth, glossy appearance. To maintain the gloss of patent leather, use a soft cloth to gently remove any surface dirt. Due to the sensitivity to colour transfer, ensure you store Ghazal patent leather shoes in their care bags away from any other leather materials, direct light and heat.

Glitter leather: Glitter covered fabrics or leather may have a sparkly yet coarse surface, therefore we advise to avoid contact with abrasive objects or surfaces as abrasion may lead to a loss of glitter. Do not apply any leather care products to glitter covered shoes. You can gently remove surface dirt with a clean, dry, soft cloth. If the shoes become wet leave them to dry naturally away from heat and sunlight.

The process of cleaning shoes

How to clean satin fabric shoes

Our luxurious satin is sourced for the highest quality, and durability however, being a naturally delicate fabric, we highly recommend avoiding contact with sharp or abrasive objects and surfaces that may cause the satin to snag or tear.

Satin shoes with crystal embellishments should be stored in their care bags in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the satin fabric. Contact with liquids are likely to cause the satin to stain, therefore it is important to keep your shoes away from rain, alcohol, oil and any other liquids.

How do you clean Ghazal flats shoes made of fabric? You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth although, a waterproofing spray may help protect the satin from light water contact. Reminder: Always spot test products before applying to your Ghazal shoes to ensure colourfastness.

4 Date Night Outfits Ideas

with Shoes You Will Fall in Love with

The art of the date night outfit

We all love to get dressed up every now and again, and date night is a golden opportunity to spruce yourself up for the night and feel amazing. Whether you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or ‘Galentine’s’ for the single ladies, we all know a date starts way before the date actually starts! So, what should a woman wear on a date night?

Plan ahead: Date night outfit ideas

A date night outfit has no rules other than making you feel confident, sexy, and flirty… But, as shoe lovers over here, we believe that every outfit starts from the ground up! So, before we start with date night outfits, let’s talk date night shoes and the logistics of the date. Is this a dinner date? A causal date? A walking date? And most importantly, what’s the weather like?

If you’re planning a night out for dinner and drinks with moderate weather, your wardrobe is your oyster, but if you’re wondering, how can I look seductive without trying? Our signature style, the Jackie pump from our Icon collection is an elegant silhouette featuring a T-bar strap with discreet silver buckle, available in in a number of colourways with three heel heights, including a comfortable mid-heel, is quietly glamourous yet versatile enough to pair with almost anything.

If you’re someone who, while wearing high-heels is always thinking to yourself, I hope the next bar isn’t too far away, then a more walkable heel such as Platforms could be the answer. Our Bella platforms give the illusion of a heel, but feel far more comfortable than a stiletto.

Woman wearing an oversized blazer and black and white pump heels
img 025

Casual date outfit

What do you wear to a casual date night? For some this can seem tricker than a romantic dinner, as your trustee LBD is out of the window if you’re doing causal, but that doesn’t mean heels have to be! Instead of opting for a high heel, try going for some Mid-heels or Mules instead. You get the bonus of a little height, which can do wonders for making you feel a little sassy, but also appear more laid back for a casual date night outfit. Either style pairs easily with jeans, leaving you endless options for what to add on top to either dress your look up a little or tone it right down.


What to wear on a walking date

That being said, if you are going on a date where you’re likely to be doing a fair amount of walking, heels are generally not recommended for your date outfit.  Although if a little heel is a must, then the Colette mule could still be a great option. Otherwise, casual flat shoes such as the Sophie loafer, in any of the hues can easily compliment a pared back look. Think jeans, cigarette pants or an A-line skirt paired with a classic white tee, silk camisole, soft cashmere cardi, or for a little more pizzaz maybe an embellished blouse. As day turns to night, simply slip your feet into a pair of timeless pumps such as the Jackie T-bar or the Inès court style, and you’ll elevate your look ready to head to a bar.

Black pump heels with a strap

Winter date night outfits

How do you wear heels in winter? Okay, so black heels are practically a given. No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of trustee black pumps. Inès is a timeless style from our Icon collection that adds a touch of glamour to any look available in a sumptuous soft black suede and an array of other shades, these versatile pumps are available with an 85mm or 100mm heel. For more winter date outfit ideas read ‘Match These 4 Pairs of Shoes with Winter Outfits To Look Effortlessly Chic.’

White pump heels
Woman in the car wearing red pump heels
Elegant couple
Jenny Walton wearing platform heels

Come camminare sui tacchi

La guida definitiva per essere aggraziati sui tacchi

Non c’è alcun dubbio. Indossare le scarpe con il tacco può essere una bella sfida. In aggiunta, ci sono numerosi fattori che possono incidere sulla loro comodità, per esempio quanto sono alti, le diverse superfici sulle quali devi camminare e per quanto tempo li devi indossare.

C’è un modo per rendere l’esperienza di indossarli più piacevole? La risposta è sì! Continua a leggere e scopri come camminare comodamente sui tacchi.

Guida a Come Camminare sui Tacchi per Principianti

Per imparare a indossare i tacchi correttamente ci vuole pratica. Se non li hai mai portati, o se ne hai appena comprato un nuovo paio, è meglio provarli e abituartici. Indossali in casa per un po’ di tempo prima di uscire, meglio se con delle calze. Sì, proprio con le calze! Permetteranno che si adattino al piede, e i tacchi saranno meno stretti. Prendi confidenza camminando su superfici diverse, iniziando da un pavimento in moquette o da un tappeto fino a quando non acquisisci sicurezza, spostandoti poi su un’area più scivolosa, affinché i piedi si abituino alle tue scarpe nuove. Prima di imparare a camminare sui tacchi a spillo senza alcuno sforzo visibile, allunga delicatamente il tallone: questo minimizza la comparsa di vesciche in futuro. Un altro fattore critico da considerare, prima di iniziare a camminare sui tacchi, è imparare come stare in piedi nella maniera corretta mentre li indossi, senza far stancare precocemente i tuoi piedi. Quando pratichi a casa, ricorda che si appoggia prima il tallone al pavimento, seguito dalla punta del piede, diversamente da quando indossi le scarpe basse.


Green patterned platform heels with a sock

Come Camminare sui Tacchi come una Professionista

Una volta che hai imparato le basi, è il momento di alzare l’asticella e imparare come camminare sui tacchi da vera professionista. Il primo step verso una camminata aggraziata è controllare la tua postura. Rilassa le braccia e tieni la testa alta, allo stesso tempo presta attenzione alla colonna vertebrale e ai muscoli addominali, così che tu possa mantenere una posizione bene eretta e attivare l’addome allo stesso tempo. Oltre alla postura, è importante il ritmo della tua camminata. Per imparare a indossare scarpe con il tacco a spillo con sicurezza, fai piccoli passi misurati, come se stessi camminando su una linea invisibile tracciata difronte a te. Se cammini troppo velocemente, il movimento risulterà innaturale, esitante e barcollante. Ultimo, non per importanza: ricorda che anche se praticherai la tua camminata sui tacchi a lungo, sarà normale provare un certo disagio dopo un po’ di ore che li indossi. È assolutamente normale. I tacchi a spillo sono creati per essere goduti, accentuano la silhouette e ti fanno sentire più sicura di te. Ma per diversificare i tuoi look mantenendo equilibrio e abbinamenti originali, dai un’occhiata anche alle scarpe basse o ai tacchi medi

White pump heels with a strap

Ancora più Consigli e Trucchi per Camminare sui Tacchi a Spillo

Se ti sei informata su come camminare sui tacchi nella maniera corretta, ma ogni consiglio sembra impossibile da mettere in pratica, come prima cosa dovresti chiederti se l’altezza dei tacchi che hai scelto è giusta per te. La seconda cosa da prendere in considerazione è la forma del tacco a spillo. La scarpa deve essere stabile. Se ti sbilanci da un lato all’altro mentre cammini, questo è un chiaro segno che quel modello di tacchi non è ideale per te. Se i tuoi tacchi a spillo preferiti sono diventati un incubo dopo qualche mese di gioia, ricorda che il diavolo sta nei dettagli, non nella magia di come camminare sui tacchi senza dolore. Il tuo disagio potrebbe essere dovuto al fatto che forse è giunto il momento di acquistarne un paio nuovo o di provare ad aggiungere supporto alla calzatura con una morbida soletta che ammortizza. 

Woman wearing one shoe and a stocking

Scopri le Fantastiche Décolleté di Ghazal e Cammina con Grazia Ultraterrena 

Stai imparando come si cammina agilmente sui tacchi a spillo, ma non hai ancora trovato il modello dei tuoi sogni? Se cerchi dei tacchi assolutamente perfetti, le iconiche décolleté di Ghazal saranno tutto ciò che desideri da un paio di tacchi a spillo. Le nostre amate décolleté Inès, disponibili in due diverse altezze, materiali e tonalità, rappresentano il tocco di contemporaneità su un tacco a spillo tradizionale, bilanciando delicatamente uno stile senza tempo e al contempo moderno. Se cerchi un’opportunità per imparare a camminare sui tacchi nella maniera corretta, le décolelté di Ghazal possono essere il primo passo verso la tua camminata perfetta. Scopri come camminare sui tacchi a spillo senza perdere l’equilibrio (e la testa) grazie alla sofisticata collezione di décolleté di Ghazal, creata per sostenerti ad ogni passo. Sei ancora indecisa su quale modello scegliere? Lasciati ispirare dalle nostre décolleté col tacco per ogni occasione

Calzature perfette per una serata indimenticabile

La notte in città è intrisa di possibilità per svelare la tua vera natura.

Indossi il tuo paio di scarpe preferite e ti avvii verso la porta. Il vento della sera sfiora la tua pelle abbronzata mentre ti avvii alla festa. Le tue guance sono calde e arrossate dal ballo e da quel delizioso bicchiere di rosé chiaro che hai bevuto un po’ troppo in fretta. Il tuo vestito si muove con te mentre balli, e le nostre amate scarpe da sera tintinnano al ritmo della tua canzone preferita. Ti sembra che il tempo si sia fermato, come se la serata non finisse mai. Ti senti fantastica.


Questa è la sensazione che si prova indossando le iconiche scarpe da festa di Ghazal: i tacchi a prova di errore che sono così comodi che li senti appena ai piedi. Scarpe da festa che ti fanno ridefinire il significato di moda, bellezza e disinvoltura. Una serata perfetta è molto più che un luogo, una musica o una compagnia: sono i dettagli. La sicurezza che provi quando indossi le tue amate scarpe da sera; in un breve scambio di sguardi con qualcuno che ti ammira di sfuggita dall’altra parte della stanza; nel gesto di allentare i lacci e togliere i tacchi firmati per camminare a piedi nudi! Perdersi nel momento, sentirsi spensierate e completamente libere.


Coco Chanel era solita dire: “Prima di uscire di casa, guardati allo specchio e togliti almeno una cosa”. Questa citazione riflette i valori fondamentali e l’identità di Ghazal. Less is more. È facile indossare le calzature di Ghazal, perché ti permettono di trovare il giusto equilibrio tra un’eleganza senza tempo e un glamour discreto, senza rinunciare a un pizzico di contemporaneità. Le nostre scarpe da festa sono realizzate con amore e passione per permettere alle donne di diventare la versione migliore di loro stesse. Che tu stia andando a un cocktail party o in un bar alla moda con le tue amiche per un bicchiere di vino, l’elegante sabot di Ghazal con punta semplice e tacco piccolo eleverà il tuo look e ti farà sentire sofisticata senza sforzo. Grazie agli iconici tacchi da party di Ghazal avrai l’opportunità di dare il tono alla serata. Diventa vivace come il sabot a punta chiusa Ivan di Ghazal, o elegante come la nostra bella Colette. Esprimiti. Prendi il comando. Indossa le tue amate scarpe da festa con una grazia fuori dal comune.



Le tue scarpe col tacco preferite per andare a un party? Scordatele. Lasciale andare senza esitazioni. Le décolleté Ghazal saranno le tue alleate notturne come nessun’altra scarpa prima d’ora. Le nostre décolleté in vernice con sottile T-bar e cinturino alla caviglia rappresentano un mix perfetto di comfort, bellezza e stile con il loro design e i colori raffinati. Le migliori scarpe da party sono quelle che non senti nemmeno ai piedi; quelle che ti permettono di essere chi sei veramente. Sicura di te come le décolleté rosse Inès 85, appassionata come le décolleté arancioni con tacco alto Jackie 100, a proprio agio ed elegante come tutta la nostra collezione di splendide scarpe da sera. Scopri le sfaccettature inesplorate della tua personalità scegliendo le décolleté che incarnano i tuoi desideri più ardenti. Lascia che il tuo look parli da sé. Attenzione: ogni paio di scarpe da festa Ghazal racconterà al mondo una storia diversa.



Accoglienti soirée, iconici locali di musica dal vivo e una notte in città intrisa di possibilità per svelare la tua vera natura. Chi ha detto che a una festa si debbano indossare per forza le scarpe col tacco? Mostra al mondo chi sei e indossa le eleganti scarpe basse di Ghazal. Esalta il tuo vestitino nero con un tocco di luce indossando le nostre lucenti ballerine Chloé, oppure colma il divario tra abbigliamento casual e da sera indossando Sophie, i mocassini più famosi di Ghazal, realizzati in morbidissima nappa. Cambia la narrazione della tua serata indimenticabile, accentuata dalla bellezza e dallo stile senza tempo delle nostre calzature. Celebra questi momenti importanti, prima che diventino un ricordo effimero.

Casual Dinner Outfits with Elegant and Comfortable Shoes

Meeting up with your friends for dinner and glass or two of vino is one of life’s simple pleasures, but deciding what to wear is not always quite so simple! Forget decision fatigue with staples that are wardrobe saviours. Take any look from day to night, or desk to dinner with Ghazal’s collection of timeless, stylish and incredibly comfortable women’s shoes. Your forever go-tos for the times you need to dress at a moment’s notice. Side-step trends for iconic styles that will stand the test of time.


Our iconic mules, Colette, perfectly complement any casual dinner outfits. Colette is available in a collection of colours that pair easily with all sides of your wardrobe, bringing a touch of understated glamour to any look. Pair Colette with your favourite jeans, a crisp white tee and a boyfriend blazer, staple black trousers and a silk blouse, a midi-dress and cropped blazer, palazzo pants and tank top, the options to style our Colette Mules are endless. Whether you prefer bold prints, or you like to keep things scaled back, the Colette mules are where to start. From classic tones of nude or black to hues of zesty lime and paintbox pink, elevate your casual dinner outfits with Ghazal’s comfortable shoes; an emblem of quality and craftsmanship made using the finest materials. Versatile styles that are quintessentially premium. 

Elegant woman wearing light blue mules shoes


Looking to add a little glitz to your next casual dinner outfit? Opt for something scaled back such as an all-black look and pair with Ghazal’s crystal-embellished mid-heels, Ramatuelle. This simple yet elegant look will undoubtedly influence your attitude and the way you feel compared with any other casual dinner outfits. For another statement look, pair cropped straight jeans with a loose, low-buttoned silk blouse tucked in. During cooler months, try layering a camel wool coat, with an oversized mohair knit and classic leather trousers with our soft nappa-leather loafers, Sophie. Casual outfit ideas do not have to be complicated, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Thanks to Ghazal’s timeless footwear, there are infinite possibilities for matching your beloved pieces to create unforgettable casual dinner outfits for any occasion. 

An elegant woman wearing black mid-heel shoes


Take charge of your destiny with a carefully selected, elegant wardrobe filled with numerous casual outfit ideas to take your personal style up a notch. From social soirées to networking events, client cocktail parties to romantic nights on the town, a casual party outfit that balances classic elegance and understated glamour will turn heads. Ghazal’s iconic Jackie pumps will always have you covered. Discover timeless design with a sophisticated allure that pairs seamlessly with a classic LBD, tailored coords, longline dresses and even has the power to elevate your staple denim jeans.  So, whether you’re opting for a minimalist look or for something a little more embellished, our classic stilettos are all you need to add some effortless elegance to your look.



On balmy summer nights heading for dinner with friends, relax your style with an understated pair of flat slides. The Ghazal Chloé slider, is available with a black faux fur or crystal embellished, soft black leather strap and molded leather footbeds for a comfortable fit. The Chloé sandals add a touch of glamour to any otherwise understated look. Our elegant yet incredibly comfortable flat shoes are a perfect solution for Ghazal women who prioritise comfort. Discover our entire collection of Italian women’s shoes and choose a pair that will make your casual dinner outfits luxurious and aspirational. Planning a night in the town? Let these Ghazal party styles inspire your look: comfortable party shoes for an unforgettable night out

Woman posing in a mirror wearing black and white pump heels

Finding the Perfect Match: What Shoes to Wear with Jeans

The best shoes to wear with jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for a reason, they are one of the most versatile pieces one can have in their closet! Like most of us, you probably own a couple of pairs that you wear on repeat, because let’s face it – when you find that perfect fit, be it skinnies, a wider leg flare with a little extra room or a vintage style mom cut, you just can’t get enough of them. The fact is, denim jeans likely won’t ever go out of style, hence why you see them on everyone from moms on the school run to the fashion elite. Denim can be effortlessly dressed up or down, simply by knowing which shoes to wear with jeans.

Do you wear black or brown shoes with jeans?

If you’re wondering which hues you can pair with jeans, the answer is any! Black, brown, orange, red, white… Every single colour works with jeans because denim is essentially a neutral. So, if you’re thinking, “should shoes be darker or lighter than pants?” there is no right or wrong answer. The options of shoes to wear with jeans is never-ending. With so many different denim silhouettes available, keep scrolling for timeless inspiration of which type of shoes are the best for jeans for ladies…

Shoes to wear with skinny jeans

If you’re a die-hard slim-fit lover, it’s likely because they are one of the most versatile silhouettes when it comes to pairing footwear. Match easily with ankle boots, such as our Lou Lou military booties, or casual flat shoes such as the Sophie loafer, in any of the shades available to compliment your top, be that a classic white tee, a silk camisole, soft cashmere cardi, or embellished blouse. As day turns to night, simply slip your feet into a pair of timeless pumps such as the Jackie T-bar or the Inès court style, and you’ll elevate your look ready to head to a bar.

Elegant couple

Shoes to wear with flare jeans

Bootcut flares have made a solid comeback and we’re here for it. A wide-leg trouser can take your look from drab to fab in a beat but finding the right shoes to wear with flare jeans may not be as simple as with a skinny style. For warmer weather, the Chloè sandal from our range of flat shoes will look uber chic for a casual day out shopping. To dress your wide-leg jeans up, try a pair of mid-heels such as our Ramatuelle, as the rhinestone band will add a touch of glamour to take you out to dinner with friends at a moment’s notice. If you’d rather have a little height, our Bella platforms will add a bit of edge to your look.


Shoes to wear with mom jeans

Straight-cut mom jeans are all about highlighting the ankles, so pair with flat shoes such as the Sophie, or for warmer days the Chloè sandal will look great for running errands or shopping with the girls. A sophisticated pair of heels will elevate most outfits, and the Jackie pumps are without doubt the right choice if you are considering what shoes to wear to brunch at the new hip joint to be seen this weekend. The T-bar style will pull any look together adding a touch of understated elegance for an outfit worthy of any occasion.

Elegant woman wearing black and white pump heels

Match These 4 Pairs of Shoes with Winter Outfits To Look Effortlessly Chic

How to create a timeless winter wardrobe

Essentially, a thoughtfully curated capsule winter wardrobe is built over time. Side-step trends to invest in high-quality pieces that will not only stand the test of time but offer an array of casual winter outfits that you can mix and match with little thought.  

For an everyday winter wardrobe, begin with the core staples: A white t-shirt, one or two pairs of well-fitting jeans, a white blouse, a soft cashmere pullover, and a versatile chunky knit. If you’re wondering, what can I wear instead of jeans in the winter? Then add some wide-leg pants, black leggings, a midi skirt, and a few pairs of denier tights to inspire a number of casual winter outfits.

But, what do you wear to go out in the winter? Consider adding some pieces that you can easily dress up or down, such as a slip dress, a fail-safe LBD, some tailored trousers, a classic tank top, and a mini skirt. Now if you’re thinking, “okay but how do you dress warm and cute in the winter?”, simply add a sequinned dress or skirt and a leather skirt or trousers that you can pull a chunky knit over to dress up your winter going out outfits and keep warm too.

Moving on to outerwear, the warmest clothes for winter starts with a pure wool coat will keep you warm and look great thrown over everything, add a trench to pull any look together, an oversized blazer for instant chic, and a biker jacket for a little edge that can take your looks from day to night in a beat. With this functional winter wardrobe, you can forget decision fatigue and put together winter outfits for any occasion at a moment’s notice, the only thing left to decide, is which shoes…

How to style smart loafers with a classic winter outfit

A pair of comfy smart loafers are a classic style that will last for years in your shoe closet. Sophie is perfectly sleek with everything from dresses to jeans. More preppy than ballet flats, a timeless loafer will always be found in the winter wardrobe of the style elite. Pair with jeans, skirts, dresses or tailored trousers to effortlessly chic casual winter outfits.

Another must-have winter style is a chunky military boot – Lou Lou ankle boots come in soft black leather, black patent, or white, with minimal details. You can wear them with literally everything you own in your winter wardrobe, here are 3 stylish ways to wear a dress with boots.

Black elegant loafers shoes

Winter outfits to wear with black heels

How do you wear heels in cold winter? Okay, so black heels are practically a given. No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of trustee black pumps. Our signature style, the Jackie pumps from our Icon collection is, without doubt, the most elegant of silhouettes featuring a T-bar strap with discreet silver buckle, available in a black patent leather with three heel heights, including a comfortable mid-heel, or our most coveted style the Jackie black + white, available with a modest 85mm stiletto heel.

Inès is another timeless style from our Icon collection that adds a touch of glamour to any look, available in a sumptuous soft black suede, these versatile pumps are available with an 85mm or 100mm heel. 

Women wearing black pumps

How to pair mules with elegant winter outfits 

Providing maximum winter outfit ideas, mules are a must-have in every winter wardrobe, as they offer so much wearability. Elevate any look with simple pointed-toe mid-heels that pair well with jeans, dresses, skirts, slim-leg, wide-leg, straight-leg, and the list goes on… Whatever your style, the Colette mid-heel mule is going to refine it. Available in shiny black patent, nude, for pared-back looks or a range of bold tones to choose from, these little mules are easily wearable with almost any bottoms for an understated, stylish look.

Women wearing mule shoes and a dog standing next to her

Winter outfit ideas with stylish party pumps

Last, but absolutely not least, is a pair of party pumps. Whilst the previously mentioned all-black or black + white Jackie pumps are certainly not to be overlooked as a versatile party companion for going out winter outfits, and neither are the sumptuously soft Ines black suede pumps however, if you’d rather something a little bolder to add to your evening winter wardrobe, both Jackie 100 and Inès 100 are also available in five bright hues including lime, light blue, and paintbox pink to spark winter going out outfit ideas aplenty.

If you’d rather a style that can lend to festive occasions too, Jackie 85 in silver or classic red suede are timeless staple shades to consider adding to any capsule winter wardrobe. 

Red party pumps

Christmas Outfit Ideas: What Shoes to Wear to a Christmas Party

Wondering what to wear to a Christmas party?

Crystal-encrusted. Deep red satins. Shiny metallics. Glossy patents. Block heels. Kitten heels. Platforms. Fancy flats. T-Strap pumps. Failsafe footwear that inspires a number of Christmas party outfit ideas begins with Ghazal’s icon collection. These timeless designs merge a sophisticated allure with a dash of contemporary, making them versatile and fun to experiment with what to wear to a Christmas party. From our most coveted style the Jackie T-bar pumps to the saviour classic silhouette Ines, or for a slip-on style that’s so comfortable, you can barely feel them under your feet the Colette. You’re just a click away from unboxing the ultimate holiday season party shoes!

Christmas party outfit ideas

Strike the impossible balance of comfort and style, evoking a number of Christmas party outfit ideas with our iconic Jackie T-Bar Pumps, whether teamed with jeans or something more dressy, the Jackie red suede t-bar pumps will add a festive spin to any ensemble. Also available within our mid-heels range in a lower 60mm heel to take you from the house party to the bar in a beat. If you’re an all-black-everything fan, wondering ‘can you wear black for Christmas?” The answer is YES! With the Jackie black patent style, you’ll soon be dreaming up what to wear on Christmas day in no time. Jackie black is here to pair with gorgeous party dresses this holiday season, and there’s just enough time for delivery before the festivities begin too… Jackie always has you covered.

What colours can you wear to a Christmas party?

Inès is a wardrobe saviour available in an array of gorgeous shades for any type of festive feast, holiday gathering, or Christmas party. From winter white to icy blue or pared-back black to festive red, let the Inès pumps ignite your imagination full of Christmas outfit ideas. This iconic silhouette incorporates timeless design, the finest Italian craftsmanship, and the utmost attention to detail for an effortlessly wearable style that balances classic elegance with understated glamour. Set on a slender 85mm or 100mm stiletto heel, hand-crafted in Italy with the softest Nappa leather, Inès is designed to make you look and feel fabulous. Side-step trends for an iconic style you can wear beyond the party.

Black pumps matched with elegant trousers for a Christmas party

What do you wear to a family Christmas party?

For some parties, an overly dressy look may feel too much, which begs the question “what do you wear to a casual Christmas party?” Step ahead in Colette, the sophisticated yet versatile low-heeled mules available in both classic and bold hues, allowing you to seamlessly explore all sides of your festive wardrobe. Colette pairs perfectly with almost everything, demurely leveling up any look. If you’d prefer something with a little sparkle, Chloè might just be the one. This fancy flat slider style is a must-have statement shoe that pairs easily with dresses, tailored pants, jeans, or anything goes. Forget pondering Christmas party outfit ideas and let Chloè inspire your festive look with a rhinestone-encrusted band that will elevate any outfit in your wardrobe.

Wondering what to wear on Christmas day?

Forget decision fatigue with Ivan; expertly handcrafted in Italy with premium materials and precious details to ensure maximum comfort and durability, you’ll be the best-dressed guest at the dinner table this year, guaranteed. These elegant satin ruched mules are encrusted with a crystal band to add a touch of glamour to any look. Available in red, gold, black, or fuchsia pink, let Ivan inspire your Christmas Day outfit ideas to ensure you celebrate in style. The mule Ivan is a timeless wardrobe addition that can be worn year after year.

Red pumps

3 Stylish ways to wear a dress with boots

reinvent your style with sophistication

A feminine dress and boots are somewhat of a controversial combination that years before was a total faux pas, but times have changed and controversial looks are cool. There’s nothing like a pair of chunky black boots to add some edge to a floral dress. Throw a leather jacket over the top, and you have a chic yet totally effortless look. This is why a pair of timeless military boots are a must-have. They’re seasonless and work with numerous outfits in your closet, including dresses! A quality pair, or two, of boots are year-round wardrobe staples. Thanks to their distinctive design and the highest quality leather, Ghazal’s comfortable and stylish ankle boots for women will become your new favourite staple pair of chunky boots to wear with dresses, from subtle and delicate fabrics to warm and soft knits.


In order to feel both confident and graceful in a dress, most women will suggest investing in a staple pair of classic pumps or charming mid-heels, and although we agree, a simple smock or midi dress and boots will push you to redefine what femininity and sensuality really mean. Our iconic Lou Lou boots, available in soft white leather or patent and matte black, are the epitome of comfort with a subtle grunge edge. For an understated, yet chic look, simply pair your favourite dress with boots by Ghazal; a military-style ankle boot handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials and attention to detail. The chunky sole toughens up your look, whilst the buttery soft leather ensures you can stomp into the new season with both style and comfort. Select Ghazal’s chunky boots to wear with dresses and elevate your outfit in a moment to complement your vibrant personality.



A floral or bohemian maxi dress and boots designed by Ghazal are a perfect option for women who wish to balance their femininity with well-defined footwear. A gauzy maxi dress with boots with an oval toe and a stacked heel is an unexpected match that creates an aura of rebelliousness in your look while still preserving class. A long-sleeve maxi dress with a colourful, contemporary design and sheer fabric paired with our white,  Lou Lou boots will serve perfectly as a casual, everyday outfit while a monochromatic dress and boots by Ghazal in their gentle, black edition is an ideal solution for more elegant, evening look. Indulge in the infinite ways of wearing your beloved dress and boots that emanate quality and style thanks to our sophisticated selection of women’s boots.


A soft satin slip dress with boots is a visual representation of what fashion is all about. It is a creative blend of opposite forces that outwardly appear to contradict each other, but after taking a second look, they reflect and embrace the contrasts of everyday life. Wearing a subtle slip dress and boots designed by Ghazal is stylish and put together, yet liberated and adventurous. For a classy and timeless look, opt for the matte Lou Lou boots and pair them with a black, mini dress with lace trims, complementing the outfit with chunky jewellery staples. Looking for something a bit more eccentric? Add a fluffy fur coat over your beloved dress and boots or slip a turtleneck under the dress for an effortlessly fashionable solution.



Cozy knit dresses made of soft wool paired with Ghazal’s chunky boots are an absolute go-to look for autumnal or wintery weather. A black sweater dress and boots in the white edition give you the opportunity to prioritise comfort without sacrificing fashion. On the contrary, black leggings or think tights with a vibrant knitted dress and boots made by Ghazal is another great match for a more on-trend look. No matter which style feels more like you, you can be reassured that a knit dress and boots stand for comfort and class. Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. Our iconic designs are made to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change, and yet never give up on their style.

7 Autumn outfits you need to try out with these shoes

To look stunning and inspirational

Although autumn colours remind you that certain things come to an end, the upcoming season of succulent reds, oranges, browns and yellows is actually a perfect opportunity to start anew. Autumn fashion, full of rich shades, fabrics and textures has an untapped potential for accentuating your distinctive features and sensual silhouette, while remaining committed to the comfort and functionality of the entire look. Thanks to Ghazal’s versatile collection of women’s shoes for autumn, you can be reassured that your autumn outfits will be unquestionably stunning and inspirational.


While summer season is an epitome of fashion anarchy and liberation, enabling you to make quick, spontaneous decisions about which shoes to wear when the sun shines bright round-the-clock, autumn fashion asks you to be more mindful and finely balanced. To ensure that you are always prepared for unexpected weather changes, a prerequisite for stunning autumn outfits is a versatile range of autumn boots, comfortable flats, stylish mules and mid-heels, to name a few. Chunky boots on a stacked heel will bring you resistance, while our loafers and heeled shoes are an ideal solution for captivating autumn outfit ideas, effortlessly elevating your look without compromising functionality. Discover different styles and the sophisticated design of Ghazal women’s shoes and choose a pair that feel like you.



A black, navy, beige or khaki relaxed fit coat paired with our chunky Lou Lou boots is a match made in heaven. Ghazal chunky boots are not only ideal shoes for autumn, but they perfectly complement long, oversized coats that keep you dry in wet and gloomy weather. Turtlenecks are a must-have autumn staple, that match with an A-line mini skirt and pointed-toe pumps as a stylish alternative for a warmer autumnal day. Whilst another casual, simple, and yet chic outfit consists of a chunky sweater, a trustee pair of jeans and minimalist mules, Colette. Regardless of whether you are heading to the park with your furry friend or grabbing a quick coffee to go with your partner, these autumn outfit ideas will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe while ensuring that your comfort is still an utmost priority.


If you wish to take your autumn fashion style up a notch this season, a classic tweed cropped box blazer layered over a simple t-shirt or thin roll neck top for colder days, with a coordinating tweed mini skirt or shorts with thick denier black tights and the black patent t-bar Jackie 60s channels your inner Cher from the cult-classic 90s movie Clueless. One of our other fave autumn outfits makes our mid-heels a beloved companion. Simply pull on your favourite soft cashmere sweater with a pair of wide-leg palazzo pants and slip on the brown suede Jackie 60s, the low-heel offers comfort, whilst still adding a little hidden height beneath. Add some 70s-inspired shades and a large soft, slouchy tote bag to finish off the look. At least one pair of Ghazal’s mid-heel shoes are a must-have for every woman’s autumn closet.



The last look from our varied selection of autumn outfit ideas is the perfect casual date night look with a pair of straight-cut jeans, a fitted white top and our comfy fail-safe flat shoes. If your style tends to be pared-back, or you’re newly venturing into the world of loafers, Sophie is perfectly sleek with everything from dresses to jeans. Much like ballet flats, but with a preppy edge. This classic style will last for years in your shoe closet and is available in four autumn colours. Embellished with the Ghazal monogram to add a little glamour, the style not only pairs effortlessly with jeans but also with endless other autumn fashion looks. Ghazal’s classic loafers are effortlessly wearable and understated, yet elegant. Our iconic designs are created to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change, yet never give up on their style.

The 4 best wedding guest shoes to wear

Look stunning & classy

There is nothing more precious than seeing your loved ones tying the knot in an idyllic setting filled with love and nostalgia. Intimate gatherings like this bring back indescribable memories from the past and create an aura of anticipation about what is yet to come. Weddings are also an ideal time to finally pull out that stunning satin midi dress you’ve been saving in your closet for the right occasion. Time to invest in a high-quality, staple pair of wedding guest shoes that not only exude elegance but provide you with the highest level of comfort to see you through the full day celebration. Ghazal’s diversified collection of women’s shoes reflects the most desired features of the best wedding guest shoes that will ensure your look is both refined and effortlessly chic.




What makes a great pair of wedding guest shoes? The magic lies in detail. Subtle embellishment, timeless design, and a contemporary colour palette. That is why, Ghazal’s versatile selection of patterned platform shoes is the perfect choice of wedding guest heels for women who are confident, assertive and unafraid to take risks. Our platforms fuse a classic stiletto heel with unconventional colour combinations that pair flawlessly with an elegant dress or two-piece wedding look, illustrating distinctive style and personality. Our beloved wedding guest shoes with a platform pay tribute to the fashion world that empowers diversity, authenticity and innovation. Ghazal’s Bella platforms are designed to inspire you to reach your full potential. Wear our comfortable wedding heels with unapologetic confidence, knowing that our platforms will provide you with incomparable style and quality during these unforgettable moments.



Alfresco weddings in quaint gardens and courtyards appear to evoke our deepest desires and dreams. The smell of greenery and fresh breeze on our skin makes us more emotional and connected to nature than in any other season. For this special occasion, finding a perfect pair of wedding guest shoes that will reassure you with incredible comfort has never been more challenging. For this reason, Ghazal’s stunning collection of mid-heels has come to fruition. Our iconic mid-heels are exemplary wedding guest shoes that elevate every look – walk with grace and enchant your peers without any effort. Thanks to their captivating design and decorative elements, Ghazal’s mid-heel shoes instantly refine every look, whether it be a dress or wedding suit set, making them your new favourite wedding guest heels.


An autumnal aura filled with saturated shades of red, orange and yellow inspires us to bring out what is the best in our designer wedding guest shoes. A rich colour palette, sublime designs and the legacy of Italian craftsmanship represent a blend of traditionality and innovation, which are the most sought-after characteristics in every stylish and comfortable heel for a wedding. That is why Ghazal’s stunning mules are designed with meticulous attention to fulfil those expectations. Our simple pointed-toe mules on a kitten heel, Colette, are perfect examples of comfy wedding shoes that are equally elegant, feminine and comfortable. Colette in their nude, white or black edition will accentuate the class and sophistication of your wedding look, while our high-coloured mules in the hues of lime, orange, pink or light blue will add a touch of eccentric elegance. Are you seeking a pair of wedding guest heels that make a statement? Ghazal’s iconic mules with a sculptural ruched upper panel and strap on the toe, Ivan, are the missing ingredient in your stylish, autumnal outfit. 



For some, weddings are a perfect occasion to set oneself apart from others and wear a  less conventional pair of wedding guest heels. It is an opportunity to get creative with different looks, mixing and matching styles, patterns and colours. Others may prefer to opt for the timelessness of classic wedding guest heels that not only represent style and refinement in their highest form but are also the safest solution when you want to feel effortlessly confident and at ease. For this reason, Ghazal’s pumps have been carefully designed to acquire the best qualities of traditional wedding guest shoes without compromising their unique style. Our versatile selection of iconic pumps, available in different colours and materials, will make you redefine what it truly feels like to wear incredibly comfortable wedding guest heels.

Heeled pumps for every occasion

Comfortable heels you need to have in your wardrobe.

The golden rule of every capsule wardrobe stresses the importance of having a staple pair of heels not only because they transform even the simplest of outfits but mainly because they make you feel good. Comfortable heels represent womanhood and femininity. They accentuate the power of a woman who embraces her gentle qualities and lets her most authentic side take charge. That is why Ghazal’s heeled pumps embody aspiration to the highest form of self-expression, regardless of whether your style is subtle and minimalistic or bold and eclectic.




Whether it is a designer dress, suit co-ord or oversized blazer, a pair of classic pumps are an absolute necessity in every woman’s life. Comfortable heels not only complement every look adding a touch of elegance and sophistication but they also elevate outfits that are meant to embody more nonchalance and effortlessness. What distinguishes Ghazal’s shoes? Our iconic heeled pumps are more than that. Ghazal’s comfortable heels are made to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change yet never give up on their style. They serve to empower you to be more courageous equally in your professional and personal life. Thanks to Ghazal’s comfortable high heels, you can completely change a look from morning to evening, and therefore influence your attitude and the way you feel. Your comfort is our priority.



The uniqueness of Ghazal’s heeled pumps is that you can walk in comfortable heels all day without having to worry about getting tired. They are equally perfect for work environments and a night out with friends due to their carefully crafted design and sublime detail. Our gorgeous black stilettos, Inès, will pair seamlessly with a classic shirt, formal trousers or smart dress, while the same silhouette of heeled pumps in their colour pop edition will accentuate every muted outfit that requires a touch of colour. Are you on the lookout for an elegant and fashionable variation of heeled pumps? Ghazal’s comfortable heels, Jackie, our highly-coveted slim T-bar pumps are a great alternative to Inès, adding understated glamour with their decorative ankle strap. Ghazal’s comfortable high heels will satisfy even the most discerning woman thanks to the versatile collection and Italian quality of our heeled pumps.


A woman’s beauty can only be measured by the energy she exudes. How confidently she expresses her thoughts and ideas. How gracefully she crosses a room full of people. That is why Ghazal’s heeled pumps, the most comfortable heels in our collection, possess the best qualities of classic stilettos to empower you to strive for your desires. You do not have to compromise comfort to look stunningly attractive. Ghazal’s comfortable high heels have been made with passion and love, paying meticulous attention to the quality of leather, stylish and convenient design, and the role stilettos intend to play in women’s everyday life. Each and every woman is meant for something bigger than ourselves, and Ghazal’s heeled pumps are an invaluable companion to everyday life in the pursuit of your dreams.



Ghazal’s selection of comfortable heels are designed to merge the past with the future. We create shoes that pay tribute to the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and the highest quality of materials while inviting modernity and innovation with their distinctive designs. Our classic edition of heeled pumps covers the versatility of colours and materials, from patent and metallic leather to suede, so Ghazal’s comfortable heels not only pair with your beloved skirts, jeans and chinos but also perfectly represent your unique style. Thanks to Ghazal’s stunning heeled pumps, you will always feel effortlessly chic, confident and attractive, yet comfortable, no matter where you are.