How to Clean Shoes

Polish, Clean & Protect Your Shoes In a Proper Way

How can I clean my shoes at home?

Ghazal products are handcrafted using the highest quality materials. Our intention is not only to create beautiful pieces that will transcend time through timeless style, but durability with the correct care. This guide is a reference for how to clean shoes at home.

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Storage: We recommend storing your Ghazal shoes in their satin care bags placed inside a shoebox, away from direct sunlight and heat. Shoes with crystal rhinestones and/or metal hardware should be kept in such a way that the accessories are not leaning on any outer fabric of the shoes which could create indentation.


Shape: Over time, your shoes will naturally begin to mould to the shape of your foot however, to maintain the shape and longevity of your shoes we recommend stuffing your Ghazal shoes with either white tissue paper or using a shoe tree.

The shoe-making process

Heels: Through extensive wear the heel tips of your Ghazal pumps, mid-heels, mules and platforms shoes may begin to deteriorate. We recommend changing heel tips as they start to wear, ahead of when the inner heel begins to show. This not only protects the heel, but also ensures your stability when wearing your heels and will help retain the shape of the shoe. Heel tips can be changed quickly and with ease via a reputable cobbler.


Soles: The soles of your Ghazal shoes are made from a smooth, delicate leather that will be subject to marking from the first wear. This is not a manufacturing fault, it’s normal wear and tear of a leather sole shoe. We recommend avoiding walking on wet surfaces, as this could alter the structure of the soles and may even lead to staining of the upper.

For our chunky sole boots we advise to remove any surface dirt by simply wiping with a clean, damp cloth. We strongly do not recommend replacing the Ghazal original soles as this may alter the entire structure of the shoes.

The shoe-making process

Embellishments: Rhinestone crystals and metal detailing on Ghazal shoes are delicately placed by hand. Therefore, it’s important to ensure any hardware embellishments are kept out of contact of the upper fabrication as this may cause the material to indent, scratch, or tear.

Ensure the shoes are stored in their care bags in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the fabric.

We recommend avoiding contact with any liquids such as water, alcohol, oils, and solvents. Should any hardware embellishments encounter any liquid, pat dry with a cloth immediately.

Lining:  To preserve the lining of your Ghazal shoes, gently remove any surface dirt with a clean damp cloth.

How do you deep clean dirty shoes? In the case your ghazal shoes become soiled, we recommend taking them to a reputable cobbler to have them professionally cleaned.

The process of cleaning shoes

For more assistance please contact us directly at and we will be very happy to advise you.

How to clean leather shoes

As with all animal skins, Nappa leather will naturally wrinkle and soften with age. You can gently remove surface dirt using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

How to polish shoes: We recommend using a neutral leather conditioner to maintain the softness of the leather however, we strongly encourage you to spot test the product before applying all over the leather. Ensure shoes are thoroughly dry before wear.

Metallic leather: This particularly delicate form of leather uses a laminated finish to provide a smooth and glossy surface which makes it particularly sensitive to marking, so we recommend avoiding contact with any abrasive objects and surfaces. To clean, gently remove surface dirt with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Do not apply any leather care products on metallic leather.

How to clean suede shoes

Gently remove surface dirt and unify the pile of the fabric with a soft suede brush. To maintain the richness of colour, always store Ghazal shoes in their care bags away from any direct light or heat.

As an extra measure, we encourage using a waterproofing spray to help protect the suede from any light water contact. Remember to always spot test products first to ensure colourfastness.

The process of cleaning shoes

How to clean patent leather shoes

Patent leather is achieved through a varnish coating providing a durable outer layer for your shoes and the smooth, glossy appearance. To maintain the gloss of patent leather, use a soft cloth to gently remove any surface dirt. Due to the sensitivity to colour transfer, ensure you store Ghazal patent leather shoes in their care bags away from any other leather materials, direct light and heat.

Glitter leather: Glitter covered fabrics or leather may have a sparkly yet coarse surface, therefore we advise to avoid contact with abrasive objects or surfaces as abrasion may lead to a loss of glitter. Do not apply any leather care products to glitter covered shoes. You can gently remove surface dirt with a clean, dry, soft cloth. If the shoes become wet leave them to dry naturally away from heat and sunlight.

The process of cleaning shoes

How to clean satin fabric shoes

Our luxurious satin is sourced for the highest quality, and durability however, being a naturally delicate fabric, we highly recommend avoiding contact with sharp or abrasive objects and surfaces that may cause the satin to snag or tear.

Satin shoes with crystal embellishments should be stored in their care bags in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the satin fabric. Contact with liquids are likely to cause the satin to stain, therefore it is important to keep your shoes away from rain, alcohol, oil and any other liquids.

How do you clean Ghazal flats shoes made of fabric? You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth although, a waterproofing spray may help protect the satin from light water contact. Reminder: Always spot test products before applying to your Ghazal shoes to ensure colourfastness.

4 Date Night Outfits Ideas

with Shoes You Will Fall in Love with

The art of the date night outfit

We all love to get dressed up every now and again, and date night is a golden opportunity to spruce yourself up for the night and feel amazing. Whether you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or ‘Galentine’s’ for the single ladies, we all know a date starts way before the date actually starts! So, what should a woman wear on a date night?

Plan ahead: Date night outfit ideas

A date night outfit has no rules other than making you feel confident, sexy, and flirty… But, as shoe lovers over here, we believe that every outfit starts from the ground up! So, before we start with date night outfits, let’s talk date night shoes and the logistics of the date. Is this a dinner date? A causal date? A walking date? And most importantly, what’s the weather like?

If you’re planning a night out for dinner and drinks with moderate weather, your wardrobe is your oyster, but if you’re wondering, how can I look seductive without trying? Our signature style, the Jackie pump from our Icon collection is an elegant silhouette featuring a T-bar strap with discreet silver buckle, available in in a number of colourways with three heel heights, including a comfortable mid-heel, is quietly glamourous yet versatile enough to pair with almost anything.

If you’re someone who, while wearing high-heels is always thinking to yourself, I hope the next bar isn’t too far away, then a more walkable heel such as Platforms could be the answer. Our Bella platforms give the illusion of a heel, but feel far more comfortable than a stiletto.

Woman wearing an oversized blazer and black and white pump heels

Casual date outfit

What do you wear to a casual date night? For some this can seem tricker than a romantic dinner, as your trustee LBD is out of the window if you’re doing causal, but that doesn’t mean heels have to be! Instead of opting for a high heel, try going for some Mid-heels or Mules instead. You get the bonus of a little height, which can do wonders for making you feel a little sassy, but also appear more laid back for a casual date night outfit. Either style pairs easily with jeans, leaving you endless options for what to add on top to either dress your look up a little or tone it right down.


What to wear on a walking date

That being said, if you are going on a date where you’re likely to be doing a fair amount of walking, heels are generally not recommended for your date outfit.  Although if a little heel is a must, then the Colette mule could still be a great option. Otherwise, casual flat shoes such as the Sophie loafer, in any of the hues can easily compliment a pared back look. Think jeans, cigarette pants or an A-line skirt paired with a classic white tee, silk camisole, soft cashmere cardi, or for a little more pizzaz maybe an embellished blouse. As day turns to night, simply slip your feet into a pair of timeless pumps such as the Jackie T-bar or the Inès court style, and you’ll elevate your look ready to head to a bar.

Black pump heels with a strap

Winter date night outfits

How do you wear heels in winter? Okay, so black heels are practically a given. No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of trustee black pumps. Inès is a timeless style from our Icon collection that adds a touch of glamour to any look available in a sumptuous soft black suede and an array of other shades, these versatile pumps are available with an 85mm or 100mm heel. For more winter date outfit ideas read ‘Match These 4 Pairs of Shoes with Winter Outfits To Look Effortlessly Chic.’

White pump heels
Woman in the car wearing red pump heels
Elegant couple
Jenny Walton wearing platform heels

How to Walk in Heels

The Ultimate Guide to Looking Graceful in Heels

There’s no question about it. Wearing heels can be quite a challenge. On top of that, various factors can impact your comfort, like how high the heel is, the different surfaces you’ll be walking on and how long you have to wear your heels. 

So is there a way of finding it a bit easier? Yes! Discover how to walk in heels comfortably for a more pleasant experience.


Wearing heels well takes some practice.  So if you’re new to wearing them, of you’ve a new pair, it’s best to break them in. Before heading out, wear them at home for a while, ideally with some socks on. Yes, with socks! It’ll break them in and make them feel less restrictive. Practice on different surfaces starting with a carpeted floor or rug until you’ve got the hang of walking, then move onto a potentially more slippery surface, allowing your new shoes to adapt to your feet. Before mastering how to walk in stilettos without any visible effort, do some chores, gently stretching your heels and minimising the potential of any future blisters. Another critical factor to consider before learning how to walk in heels is mastering how to stand in them properly to avoid exhausting your feet prematurely. Remember, while practicing at home, to ensure the heel hits the ground first, followed by your toes, contrary to walking in flats. 


Green patterned platform heels with a sock


Once you’ve mastered the basics, now it is time to step it up a notch and learn to saunter in heels like a pro. One of the essential steps toward a more graceful walk is keeping your posture in check. Relax your arms and lift your head up but also be mindful of your spine and abdominal muscles so that you can stand straight and engage your core all at once. Along with posture, it is equally important to pace yourself while walking. In order to learn how to walk in stilettos with confidence, take small and measured steps as if you were walking on an invisible line stretched in front of you. If you’re walking too fast, it may appear unnatural, resulting in hesitant movement and swinging. Last but not least, remember that mastering how to walk in heels isn’t going to prevent you from experiencing some discomfort after a few hours of walking. It is absolutely normal. Stilettos are undoubtedly meant to be enjoyed, accentuating your silhouette and empowering you to feel more confident. To diversify, keep a healthy balance and match your outfits also with flat shoes or mid-heels.

White pump heels with a strap


If you have done a little research on how to walk in heels properly and every piece of advice seemed impossible to implement, first, you need to consider whether your chosen heels are genuinely the right height for you. The second thing to keep in mind is the construction of your stiletto. The shoe needs to be stable. If you are rocking from side to side while walking, this is a sign that these particular heels are not the right style for you. If your favourite stilettos suddenly seem to have turned into a nightmare after a few months of bliss, the devil lies in the detail, not in the magic behind how to walk in heels without pain. The reason for your discomfort is either that it is perhaps the right time to consider a new pair or maybe try adding some support in the form of soft shoe cushioning. 

Woman wearing one shoe and a stocking


Do you want to know how to walk in stilettos with ease but are yet on the lookout for a pair of your dreams? If you are seeking absolutely flawless heels, Ghazal’s iconic pumps will certainly give you everything you need from classic stilettos. Our beloved pumps, Inès, available in two different heights, materials and hues, represent a contemporary twist on the traditional stiletto, gently balancing between timelessness and modernity. If you are looking for opportunities to learn how to walk in heels in a proper way, the Ghazal pumps might be the first step to practising your graceful walk. Discover how to walk in stilettos without losing your balance (and mind) thanks to Ghazal’s sophisticated collection of pumps, designed to support you every step of the way. Not sure which pair to choose? Let us inspire you with heeled pumps for every occasion.

Casual Dinner Outfits with Elegant and Comfortable Shoes

Meeting up with your friends for dinner and glass or two of vino is one of life’s simple pleasures, but deciding what to wear is not always quite so simple! Forget decision fatigue with staples that are wardrobe saviours. Take any look from day to night, or desk to dinner with Ghazal’s collection of timeless, stylish and incredibly comfortable women’s shoes. Your forever go-tos for the times you need to dress at a moment’s notice. Side-step trends for iconic styles that will stand the test of time.


Our iconic mules, Colette, perfectly complement any casual dinner outfits. Colette is available in a collection of colours that pair easily with all sides of your wardrobe, bringing a touch of understated glamour to any look. Pair Colette with your favourite jeans, a crisp white tee and a boyfriend blazer, staple black trousers and a silk blouse, a midi-dress and cropped blazer, palazzo pants and tank top, the options to style our Colette Mules are endless. Whether you prefer bold prints, or you like to keep things scaled back, the Colette mules are where to start. From classic tones of nude or black to hues of zesty lime and paintbox pink, elevate your casual dinner outfits with Ghazal’s comfortable shoes; an emblem of quality and craftsmanship made using the finest materials. Versatile styles that are quintessentially premium. 

Elegant woman wearing light blue mules shoes


Looking to add a little glitz to your next casual dinner outfit? Opt for something scaled back such as an all-black look and pair with Ghazal’s crystal-embellished mid-heels, Ramatuelle. This simple yet elegant look will undoubtedly influence your attitude and the way you feel compared with any other casual dinner outfits. For another statement look, pair cropped straight jeans with a loose, low-buttoned silk blouse tucked in. During cooler months, try layering a camel wool coat, with an oversized mohair knit and classic leather trousers with our soft nappa-leather loafers, Sophie. Casual outfit ideas do not have to be complicated, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Thanks to Ghazal’s timeless footwear, there are infinite possibilities for matching your beloved pieces to create unforgettable casual dinner outfits for any occasion. 

An elegant woman wearing black mid-heel shoes


Take charge of your destiny with a carefully selected, elegant wardrobe filled with numerous casual outfit ideas to take your personal style up a notch. From social soirées to networking events, client cocktail parties to romantic nights on the town, a casual party outfit that balances classic elegance and understated glamour will turn heads. Ghazal’s iconic Jackie pumps will always have you covered. Discover timeless design with a sophisticated allure that pairs seamlessly with a classic LBD, tailored coords, longline dresses and even has the power to elevate your staple denim jeans.  So, whether you’re opting for a minimalist look or for something a little more embellished, our classic stilettos are all you need to add some effortless elegance to your look.



On balmy summer nights heading for dinner with friends, relax your style with an understated pair of flat slides. The Ghazal Chloé slider, is available with a black faux fur or crystal embellished, soft black leather strap and molded leather footbeds for a comfortable fit. The Chloé sandals add a touch of glamour to any otherwise understated look. Our elegant yet incredibly comfortable flat shoes are a perfect solution for Ghazal women who prioritise comfort. Discover our entire collection of Italian women’s shoes and choose a pair that will make your casual dinner outfits luxurious and aspirational. Planning a night in the town? Let these Ghazal party styles inspire your look: comfortable party shoes for an unforgettable night out

Woman posing in a mirror wearing black and white pump heels

Finding the Perfect Match: What Shoes to Wear with Jeans

The best shoes to wear with jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for a reason, they are one of the most versatile pieces one can have in their closet! Like most of us, you probably own a couple of pairs that you wear on repeat, because let’s face it – when you find that perfect fit, be it skinnies, a wider leg flare with a little extra room or a vintage style mom cut, you just can’t get enough of them. The fact is, denim jeans likely won’t ever go out of style, hence why you see them on everyone from moms on the school run to the fashion elite. Denim can be effortlessly dressed up or down, simply by knowing which shoes to wear with jeans.

Do you wear black or brown shoes with jeans?

If you’re wondering which hues you can pair with jeans, the answer is any! Black, brown, orange, red, white… Every single colour works with jeans because denim is essentially a neutral. So, if you’re thinking, “should shoes be darker or lighter than pants?” there is no right or wrong answer. The options of shoes to wear with jeans is never-ending. With so many different denim silhouettes available, keep scrolling for timeless inspiration of which type of shoes are the best for jeans for ladies…

Shoes to wear with skinny jeans

If you’re a die-hard slim-fit lover, it’s likely because they are one of the most versatile silhouettes when it comes to pairing footwear. Match easily with ankle boots, such as our Lou Lou military booties, or casual flat shoes such as the Sophie loafer, in any of the shades available to compliment your top, be that a classic white tee, a silk camisole, soft cashmere cardi, or embellished blouse. As day turns to night, simply slip your feet into a pair of timeless pumps such as the Jackie T-bar or the Inès court style, and you’ll elevate your look ready to head to a bar.

Elegant couple wearing stylish clothes

Shoes to wear with flare jeans

Bootcut flares have made a solid comeback and we’re here for it. A wide-leg trouser can take your look from drab to fab in a beat but finding the right shoes to wear with flare jeans may not be as simple as with a skinny style. For warmer weather, the Chloè sandal from our range of flat shoes will look uber chic for a casual day out shopping. To dress your wide-leg jeans up, try a pair of mid-heels such as our Ramatuelle, as the rhinestone band will add a touch of glamour to take you out to dinner with friends at a moment’s notice. If you’d rather have a little height, our Bella platforms will add a bit of edge to your look.


Shoes to wear with mom jeans

Straight-cut mom jeans are all about highlighting the ankles, so pair with flat shoes such as the Sophie, or for warmer days the Chloè sandal will look great for running errands or shopping with the girls. A sophisticated pair of heels will elevate most outfits, and the Jackie pumps are without doubt the right choice if you are considering what shoes to wear to brunch at the new hip joint to be seen this weekend. The T-bar style will pull any look together adding a touch of understated elegance for an outfit worthy of any occasion.

Elegant brunette wearing black and white pump heels