The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Personal Style Once & For All

My Personal Style: Why can’t I find a style?

Finding your personal style is much more than just figuring out which clothes you prefer over others, it’s a journey – a process that can take decades! Discovering your personal style isn’t making a list of personal wardrobe rules, rather having fun with style, and experimenting with different looks to get a feel for what suits you best. What you feel good in! This practice will help you understand the core of your style identity and decide which pieces to invest in. Finding your personal style can be tricky with so many ever-changing trends, but the key is not to follow fashion. Yes, you can play with fashion, but to begin with, creating a capsule signature wardrobe is a great foundation!

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Personal Style: What are some examples of personal styles?

There are many celebs who have enviable personal style such as Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jenny Walton, Victoria Beckham, Meghan Markle, Margot Robbie, The Olsen twins, Blake Lively, to name a few. The easiest way to discover your own personal style is to study some celebs you believe have a good look and take inspiration from your style icons. Save images on Instagram or screenshots on your mobile of looks you’d like to recreate or pieces you’d like to try. Then you can go about seeking similar items to build up your signature look.

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Finding your personal style: Personal styles

How to develop your personal style? Experiment, experiment, experiment! Play with colours, cuts, fabrics, patterns, and fits. Start with getting the basics in place first, every wardrobe needs: Jeans, leggings, tailored pants, wide-leg pants, a few good quality t-shirts, tanks, camisole tops, a couple of pretty blouses, a classic white shirt, a good quality cardi, a chunky knit, an oversized blazer, leather jacket, trench coat, a wool coat, an LBD, a versatile maxi slip dress and then some versatile shoes! Flat shoes, trendy trainers,  pumps and boots are a good starting point.

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What is the rule of style?

Looking for some inspiration for discovering your unique style? There’s an interesting fashion theory, known as the 2/3 rule of style – whereby one focuses on an outfit always being bottom-heavy; the top half of your look from the waist up is 1/3 of your look, whilst the waist down makes up the other 2/3. Therefore, you can let the top 1/3 do the talking, in the form of a patterned shirt or an eye-catching collar feature, whilst your shoes can act as the assertive factor of sophistication. In this vein, opt for classic, footwear that will stand the test of time, offering the versatility to pair with several your wardrobe pieces with little thought, allowing you to throw together outfits in a moment’s notice and pull off that well-put-together look.

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How do I know which shoes will be a good investment?

You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic pumps and black are a must for every closet – see Ghazal’s women’s black shoes for some inspiration. If you prefer a little more height, then platforms are a great option, or if you’re not one for heels, mid-heels can be a happy medium, offering a little height but keeping your feet closer to the ground! Mules are also a wonderfully versatile shoe, easily elevating an outfit from casual, to elegant with very little effort. To add a pop of colour, but stay within the realm of timelessness, a colour that never goes out of fashion is red. A red shoe is sophisticated with a touch of sex appeal, and will pair simply with muted tones like cream, beige, grey, navy and black, as well as bold colours like orange, pink, blue tones and purple – see Ghazal’s women’s red shoes, perfect for creating a unique and sophisticated personal style.

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Find my style

Focus on you and only you! Finding your style will take some time, it’s not often we find our own style from the offset, and style is always evolving as the world around us does. Forget the external gaze and focus on what makes you feel your best. Take risks, explore styles, play with fashion, and trust your gut!

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