The Ultimate & Only Guide to Different Heel Types You Will Ever Need

From party-ready platform heels to elegant slingbacks and dance floor-worthy mules – nothing elevates an outfit and makes you feel so powerful than a beautiful pair of heeled shoes. But with so many different types of heels to choose from, what heel types should be in your closet? Take a look at our ultimate and only guide to different heel types and reach new heights with your wardrobe!

How many types of heels are there?

Astonishingly, or perhaps not for us certified ‘shoe-aholics’, there are more than 30 different types of heels. From platforms to pumps and mules to mid-heels – there are many types of high heel shoes to suit all occasions. Out of all the types of heels, nothing is as timeless as a classic pump. Every woman should have a pair of pump heels in her capsule wardrobe and Ghazal’s designer Ines 85 black suede pumps work perfectly with every outfit. To vamp up a date-night outfit, opt for our Jackie 100 red suede pump with slim T-bar and ankle strap. There are heeled pumps for every occasion. Take a peek at our Icons Collection to choose your next pair!

Classic black pump heels on a model
Ghazal Paris Red Jackie Pump 100

Which type of heel is the most comfortable?

Not all types of women’s heels mean you will be massaging your feet at the end of a busy day. To feel comfortable all day long, a lower or wider heel is a great option and will provide more support – and they’ll be less chance of sore and aching feet by night-time! If comfort is key, avoid types of high heel shoes with a thinner and higher heel in favour of those that are easier to walk in like mid-heels. Our Cate sandals are a perfect choice and come in many different classy colours. From nude for a day in the office to silver to add a bit of sparkle to evening outfits.

Ghazal Cate Mid Heels, model standing on a chair
Ghazal Vivienne mules with a transparent heel decoratively stuck in the book

What heel is the easiest to walk in?

Often when you think of different heel types you conjure up images of towering 6-inch stilettos but there are different types of heels to suit all of us. So, if you’re a newbie to heels and fear looking like Bambi on a night out or returning after a hiatus – fear not there are types of high heel shoes perfect for you. The easy-to-slip on, and ultimately walk in, mules are also super comfortable. Our Colette collection is the perfect choice for a bit of height and are one of the easiest heels to wear. Add a splash of colour to stand-out from the crowd and opt for pink or lime to turn heads. If you prefer a bit more height but still want stability Ghazal’s Vivienne transparent mules are great for summer garden parties. Pair with some classic blue jeans and white tank top for that effortless cool look!

B&W photo of black and white pump heels
Ghazal black and white pumps, B&W photo

What heel types can I wear for an elegant event?

Out of all the types of high heels, nothing is more timeless than a classic pump. Choose black pumps for an elegant evening soiree or for a day-time wedding or garden party attire opt for white pumps. There are many different types of women’s heels so experiment and find the pair (or three…) that work for you. If you can’t decide between black or white, try our Jackie 85 in beautiful patent black leather and white T-bar and ankle strap. Shoes should be fun, so what are you waiting for? Go choose the perfect pair of high heeled shoes just for you!