The Story Behind Ghazal’s Bold New Jewellery Collection

Influenced by the designer’s French and Moroccan heritage, Ghazal combines eclectic art-world inspirations with the finest artisanal craftsmanship, to create refined statement footwear and now jewellery for the modern woman.

The journey of Ghazal started in 2018. Following a trip to Tuscany, Italy, Houda was captivated by the artistry of the Italian luxury industry and inspired by the beauty of their accessories and attention to detail. This experience ignited her vision for Ghazal, a brand that would stand out for its bold and spirited attitude. A brand that would put each and every woman at the top of her own priority list.

Since, Ghazal has developed a core shoe collection ‘The Icons’ that epitomises understated glamour, and has remained largely unchanged since its fledgling years with an immediately recognisable signature silhouette, the Jackie Pump.

At the origin of Ghazal’s philosophy is the need to reinvent a paragon of a woman who was lost. Someone iconic, glamorous, and engaged. Ghazal wants her to reveal her inner power. Accessories to embellish her; a detail that can completely change her look and the image she wants to convey. The annual capsule collections place modernity, diversity, and most importantly beauty at the forefront, so it was only natural for the brand to evolve into the jewellery space. “I see Ghazal becoming the luxury, cool, and sexy accessory brand that women love to wear”, says founder Houda L. Ghazal. “An emblem of quality: the finest materials and attention to detail are key features of Ghazal, to deliver accessories that are quintessentially premium”, she continues.

“The AW23 Jewel collection has been in the making for quite some time”, Houda shares. “In Arabic, Ghazal means beautiful. The brand’s iconic pictogram was the inspiration, derived from a lower case ‘g’ with a dot above, which in Arabic is pronounced a ‘Gh’ sound” says Houda, “and the curves and turns of the pieces delicately embrace and outline the body. The Amal Necklace is my favourite piece. I find the serpentine shape really empowering but comforting, too.”

Since she was just two years old, Houda has been adorning jewels. “Being Moroccan, we have a tradition to get our ears pierced at a very young age.” The oversized, rounded earrings she wore as a child ignited her obsession with bold, statement pieces, and her Moroccan roots continue to inspire her today. 

“When I choose my jewellery, it’s a reflection of my current mood”, she says. A sentiment that lies at the heart of Ghazal’s philosophy, where iconic designs are made to serve the everyday life of women who are constantly moving, yet never give up on their style. “She dares and takes risks, loves to be the centre of attention but is humble at the same time.” describes Houda, portraying the essence of the women who wear Ghazal’s exquisite pieces.

When considering the expansion into jewellery, Houda’s inspiration stemmed from a heartfelt memory – a photograph of her parents on their wedding day. In the picture, Houda’s mother is adorned in large gold vintage jewels, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and a headpiece. “The jewellery my mother wore on her wedding day was elaborate, it was a statement, and it looked stunning. The kind of jewellery that turns heads, but she wore it, it adorned her – it only elevated her beauty, and that has been a huge inspiration for me.”

“To me, Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. Our iconic designs are made to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change, they are a detail. They must be a detail. A detail that can completely change a look from morning to evening, and therefore influence the woman’s attitude and the way she feels. Putting on a Ghazal accessory should empower, and give women the reassurance they need to embrace their femininity, their beauty.” Houda explains.

“As with Ghazal’s footwear line – we chose to concentrate the entire phase of sampling and production in one of the largest and specialised Italian districts of fashion jewellery, in Tuscany” Houda continues. “Each piece within the Amal Collection has been sanded, sculpted, and welded to perfection by master Italian craftsmen and to maintain the finest quality, our laboratories perform an anti-allergic treatment with a first finish in white bronze. Each Ghazal jewel is then plated with a layer of galvanic in palladium, a precious and rare metal of the platinum family, which confers extreme shine and finally, a thick layer of precious 24-carat gold finishes each piece,” says Houda. The result? Beautifully bold, unique fashion pieces, made to last a lifetime.