The Pleasure of Dopamine Dressing

Match These 5 Classy Shoes with Daring & Colourful Clothes

Why are people dopamine dressing?

If you’re wearing an outfit you love, you’ll feel fabulous – and there’s no look better than the look of confidence! Dopamine dressing is about enhancing your mood, because when you feel good, you look good! Colour is proven to be a pivotal contributor to this joy-inducing trend, where a bright shade can go a long way in boosting your mood.

If you’re wondering, what are the dopamine colour trends, let us share our personal favourite colourful shoes to give any look a daring edge to empower you, in a beat. Colourful shoes always look great with colourful clothes, and are certain to make you stand out from any crowd!

Woman wearing colourful dress in a boat

Paint the Town Red: The Best Colour Shoes with Red Dress

The red dress is the ultimate dopamine look, fuelling a look of passion and confidence. With a bold statement red piece, the Jackie pumps in burgundy work incredibly well. These colourful heels are the perfect compromise between too-little and too-much, where a dark blush of colour will see you step outside the realms of neutral shades and assert yourself as self-assured, and stylistically aware. Very dopamine dressing indeed! If you’re looking to take a step further within the realms of red, why not consider a pair of Ghazal’s women’s red shoes, which will prove to be a timeless feel-good factor for years to come? These look fantastic when paired with orange or pink tones, blue denim, or a simplistic dark or neutral mono hued look.

Elegant woman wearing a red dress and pumps with a strap

An Endless Palette: Colourful Shoes to Match Colourful Clothes

If you’re a fan of statement patterns and bright shades, a metallic shoe can add an elegant yet fun touch. Our Cate mid-heels in silver are guaranteed to add some pizzaz to any look, effortlessly pairing with any shade or pattern, metallic tones work as a neutral – but they are far from muted! These colourful shoes will boost your mood and put a bounce in your step. They’ll give you a bold edge that sets your style apart – putting you the centre of attention before you’ve even muttered a word.

Woman wearing a pink outfit

In Full Bloom: The Ultimate Dopamine Look for Spring

Looking for some dopamine-dressing inspiration for warmer seasons? With Spring around the corner, the hazy days of dewy sunrises and blossoming blooms are in sight. A lime green shoe is the perfect Spring-time hue that pairs with an array of colours from pastels to stronger tones, as well as muted shades and patterns too. Lime green has charisma, it has charm, and it oozes confidence. It’s bold and keen to be seen, just like our Jackie pumps. The elegant straps of these iconic colourful shoes stand out evermore in this not-so-subtle shade and offer a new dimension to whatever look you are donning.

Woman wearing a colourful dress and yellow pump heels

How do you Stop Yourself from Feeling Blue? Colourful shoes!

Dopamine dressing is a great pick-me-up when you need a confidence boost – So turn the blues on their head and wear them instead! The Icon Colette Mules are an easy slip on to restore your mood, with their sleek pointed toe, beautifully soft leather and very wearable low heel. Colette light blue is airy and cheerful, effortlessly lifting the mood of any look from a classic simple jean and a white tee, to slip dresses and pencil or A-line skirts. This shade looks great with almost any colour. The effects of wearing these chic colourful shoes are undeniable, and your blues will be banished before you know it.

Stylish woman wearing beige sleeveless trench and blue mules
Woman wearing a pink outfit with pumps with a strap
Olivia Palermo street style
Stylish woman wearing white pump heels