What shoes to wear to brunch

Simple & timeless brunch outfit ideas.

Brunch is not only a social event to indulge in a delicious meal, but an opportunity to get dressed up and give enjoy fashion, a moment to let your creativity take charge. Wondering what to wear to brunch? Indeed, finding the perfect pair of shoes that will make your brunch outfit effortlessly polished and relaxed requires much thought. For this reason, Ghazal has designed a stunning selection of women’s shoes that accentuates all winter and summer brunch outfits.




According to some, what we now know as eggs benedict, scones or fluffy pancakes accompanied by a fresh alcoholic beverage originated in 19th-century England. Others compete with Londoners, believing that New York was the birthplace of this legendary blend of breakfast and lunch. Usually served after 10 am, just before noon, typical brunch is not only a wonderful time to catch up with friends or go out with your loved one but also a perfect moment to dress up for the occasion, seemingly at a moment’s notice. Therefore, If you want to quickly elevate a brunch outfit without appearing too contrived, opt for one of Ghazal’s pointed-toe mules available in hues of lime, orange, light blue, or pink. Wearing colour pop mules with black wide-leg trousers and a little top is an easy way to invite some spontaneity to your elegant brunch outfit. If you’re seeking a more nonchalant and effortless brunch outfit, Ghazal’s flat shoes will bring style and indescribable comfort to your urban look. Our patent leather loafers Sophie will perfectly accompany a pair of jeans with an oversized shirt. In contrast, Ghazal’s flat slides Chloé with a shiny or fluffy strap will add a little femininity to your brunch outfit. That is exactly what brunch with Ghazal is all about. A mixture of elegant, easy and timeless footwear staples. 



Summer is our favourite season for brunching as you can finally uncover your legs and wear your beloved sheer dresses, pencil skirts and linen shirts. This is also the time when restaurants are opening their atmospheric gardens and terraces so that you can sip your mimosa basking in the warm sun outside in the fresh air. But what to wear to brunch to feel at ease and relaxed without compromising your style? The answer is simple, mid-heels. Putting on one of Ghazal’s stunning mid-heel shoes with a slim T-bar and ankle strap, Jackie 60, is a perfect way to take any summer brunch outfit to the next level without much effort. Pair your chosen mid-heels with simple chinos and a T-shirt to create a balance between elegance and comfort. If you want to go for a more glamourous brunch outfit, choose Ramatuelle, Ghazal’s mid-heel sandals with a crystal-embellished strap, available not only in black but also gold and fuchsia. Take inspiration for the most breathtaking brunch outfit ideas from our rarefied collection of heels, the Icons. They have been carefully selected to merge a sophisticated allure with a dash of contemporary. Our nude kitten heels, Colette, will flawlessly complement your midi skirt, while Ghazal’s mules, Vivienne, will add a chic touch to your brunch outfit thanks to the transparent heel revealing the Ghazal logo.

White Jackie Pumps best shoes to wear for brunch


Are you looking for a specific pair of staple shoes to transform your ordinary brunch outfit into a stylish ensemble? A pair that will inspire you to strive for the best and become the most authentic representation of you? The staple pumps you are looking for are called Inès, classic stilettos with elegant camber, available in different heel heights. Inès are perfect for more sophisticated brunch outfit ideas, smoothly elevating your look and making you walk confidently with grace. They will complement maxi dresses, suit sets and business casual brunch outfits thanks to their timeless design and a versatile range of colours. Choose your go-to clothes and pair them with Ghazal’s iconic pumps for the ultimate minimalist yet fashionable look. Immerse yourself in the thrill of creating glamorous outfits without having to worry about what to wear to brunch. Most of all, be unapologetically yourself and opt for brunch outfits that resonate with your unique style and personality. That is why our stunning pumps are one of the Icons; they equally possess the best qualities of classic stilettos and embody the spirit of modernity. Wearing Inès, you immediately establish a mood for the meeting, setting your simple brunch outfit apart from others. 



Cooler temperatures demand a slightly different approach, as brunch is no longer just a charming outdoor summer event and instead, it can be enjoyed in warm and cosy venues. Channel your inner it-girl and opt for a pair of chunky boots from your wardrobe, perfect for slightly more rebellious brunch outfit ideas. Winter brunch outfits with laced-up leather boots are a unique opportunity to break the rules. Pair one of Ghazal’s favourite black boots with a feminine dress to create a captivating contrast and a more edgy brunch outfit. Chunky shoes can also direct your focus to more subtle elements of your apparel like colour and fabric. Ghazal’s white boots, Lou Lou with an oval toe and stacked heel, will perfectly complement a chunky knit layered over a silk skirt. The potential for creating warm, cosy and gently elevated brunch outfits is endless. Set yourself free from any expectations and make your comfort the main priority. Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. The Ghazal woman is classy, elegant, confident and most importantly, in love with her uniqueness. 

Ghazal Paris Red Jackie Pump 100 on a model
Ghazal Paris Jackie Pump light pink on a model