How to Walk in Heels

The Ultimate Guide to Looking Graceful in Heels

There’s no question about it. Wearing heels can be quite a challenge. On top of that, various factors can impact your comfort, like how high the heel is, the different surfaces you’ll be walking on and how long you have to wear your heels. 

So is there a way of finding it a bit easier? Yes! Discover how to walk in heels comfortably for a more pleasant experience.


Wearing heels well takes some practice.  So if you’re new to wearing them, of you’ve a new pair, it’s best to break them in. Before heading out, wear them at home for a while, ideally with some socks on. Yes, with socks! It’ll break them in and make them feel less restrictive. Practice on different surfaces starting with a carpeted floor or rug until you’ve got the hang of walking, then move onto a potentially more slippery surface, allowing your new shoes to adapt to your feet. Before mastering how to walk in stilettos without any visible effort, do some chores, gently stretching your heels and minimising the potential of any future blisters. Another critical factor to consider before learning how to walk in heels is mastering how to stand in them properly to avoid exhausting your feet prematurely. Remember, while practicing at home, to ensure the heel hits the ground first, followed by your toes, contrary to walking in flats. 


Green patterned platform heels with a sock


Once you’ve mastered the basics, now it is time to step it up a notch and learn to saunter in heels like a pro. One of the essential steps toward a more graceful walk is keeping your posture in check. Relax your arms and lift your head up but also be mindful of your spine and abdominal muscles so that you can stand straight and engage your core all at once. Along with posture, it is equally important to pace yourself while walking. In order to learn how to walk in stilettos with confidence, take small and measured steps as if you were walking on an invisible line stretched in front of you. If you’re walking too fast, it may appear unnatural, resulting in hesitant movement and swinging. Last but not least, remember that mastering how to walk in heels isn’t going to prevent you from experiencing some discomfort after a few hours of walking. It is absolutely normal. Stilettos are undoubtedly meant to be enjoyed, accentuating your silhouette and empowering you to feel more confident. To diversify, keep a healthy balance and match your outfits also with flat shoes or mid-heels.

White pump heels with a strap


If you have done a little research on how to walk in heels properly and every piece of advice seemed impossible to implement, first, you need to consider whether your chosen heels are genuinely the right height for you. The second thing to keep in mind is the construction of your stiletto. The shoe needs to be stable. If you are rocking from side to side while walking, this is a sign that these particular heels are not the right style for you. If your favourite stilettos suddenly seem to have turned into a nightmare after a few months of bliss, the devil lies in the detail, not in the magic behind how to walk in heels without pain. The reason for your discomfort is either that it is perhaps the right time to consider a new pair or maybe try adding some support in the form of soft shoe cushioning. 

Woman wearing one shoe and a stocking


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