11 Unconventional Sequins Outfit Ideas

Make Sparkly Apparel More Casual & Chic

Most of us aren’t averse to a bit of sparkle during the festive season or for glam night out but incorporating a sequin pants outfit or sequin skirt outfit into your everyday life can sometimes feel a little bit extra and over the top. So how do you add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe and remain casual and chic? There are lots of ways to shine without turning into a disco ball, and mixing and matching pieces is a great way to add sequins into everyday wear. Adding an embellished shoe instantly transforms an outfit taking your work look through to evening with a simple switch of a shimmering shoe. Give it go and have a bit of fun with it – as everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their life!

How to wear sequins every day?

Sequins outfit ideas conjure up images of parties on New Year’s Eve or black-tie events but it’s possible to wear sequins every day and remain chic. While some of us embrace being OTT and love to shine with some added sparkle others loathe the idea of standing out and struggle to fit them into every day, or even, evening outfits. For comfortable party shoes for an unforgettable night out opt for a sequin set outfit that teams more classic pieces like on-trend wide leg trousers in a satin finish with sequin detailing on a classic black tank. Then add some sparkle on your feet with a pair of beautiful flat shoes. Our Christie sandals in yellow satin have a sleek slingback with a discreet silver buckle for fastening and rhinestone embellished strap.

Ghazal yellow open toe flat shoes

How to wear sequins in the daytime?

Synonymous with party dressing or wearing for a formal event – a sequin pants outfit or sequin skirt outfit shouldn’t just be saved for after hours. For daytime, perhaps avoid all-over sequin minidresses and instead include in individual garments and mix and match with classic pieces. A great way to complement a rainbow sequin skirt is to pair with a simple crisp white fitted shirt and women’s metallic shoes. Our Christie slingback sandals have a silver buckle and are made with patent rose gold brocade metallic leather with an open toe and rhinestone embellished strap. Great for a garden party or daytime wedding and they’re super comfy meaning you can dance until your heart’s content!

Person holding a white open toe golden flat shoe by ghazal

How do you wear casual sequins?

Think of your sequin outfit set as separates — a versatile pair of black shiny trousers or a statement skirt with coloured sequins. Choose workwear separates in solid colours to contrast the sparkle of the sequin set outfit. For a more casual moment, pair a black or gold sequin mid length skirt with a white top knotted at the waist or a casual blazer or jacket thrown over the shoulders to tone down the glitz. Pair with some classic platforms shoes such as Ghazal’s Bella in black and white. The open-toe leather sandal features a medium platform and classic stiletto heel to create that understated casual look while shimmering both inside and out!

Person putting on a heel with a strap

How to look chic in sequins?

From a sequin pants outfit to sparkly dresses and skirts, there are a lot of ways to wear sequins. If you’re wearing a white sequin outfit such a cocktail dress, pair with a solid-coloured shoe to ensure you remain chic and avoid iridescent or glittery shoes which can distract from your outfit. Nothing says chic more than a pair of classic pumps and our red Ines 100 work perfectly with a white sequin outfit. Or to keep it ultra chic, opt for black pumps like our Ines 100. This gorgeous classic stiletto has an elegant camber providing that sexy chic look we all want to achieve on a night out. There is a sequins outfit to suit all of us. Go have fun and dazzle on your own terms!

Classic black pump heels on a model