Stylish Airport Outfit Ideas

 Get Inspired with These Stylish Airport Outfit Ideas & Embrace Your Business-Class Chic

You know the feeling. You’ve booked an exciting getaway and the anticipation starts building. But then you suddenly realise you have no idea what to wear for your journey! You want to feel comfortable for the long flight but still look put together and elegant. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with effortless yet stylish airport outfit ideas so you can breeze through check-in with your head held high. Channel your inner jetsetter and embrace business-class chic with these airport outfit inspirations. Fasten your seatbelt for some of the best airport travel outfit ideas in 2023!

 How can I look stylish at the airport?

Since airport temperatures can fluctuate, dress in layers you can easily take on and off. A stylish blazer or tailored jacket over a simple tee or crisp white shirt is a chic airport look. Add a scarf for extra warmth and style points. While you want to look stylish, comfy airport outfits are key for long travel days. Wearing a gorgeous pair of Flat shoes like loafers, sliders or slingbacks such as Ghazal’s yellow satin Christies will mean you will remain comfortable yet polished. Limit accessories to the essentials – a nice watch, simple jewellery, and a roomy tote bag. Skip the bulky handbag and opt for a chic carry-on suitcase to glide through the airport with ease.

Ghazal Christie yellow flats
Ghazal Paris Chloe flat black side photo

 How can I look elegant while traveling?

When considering your airport outfit focus on versatile pieces in solid colours that are wrinkle resistant. Wear clothing made of fabrics like jersey or knit that resist wrinkles. Silk and linen blends can also work well. In case of a last-minute dash to the departure gate, opt for stylish yet comfortable shoes. If heading somewhere a little cooler Boots are a great option like our Lou Lou laced-up military boots in white. Airport outfit ideas should be fun and reflect that holiday vibe and by following our simple style tips you’ll arrive looking every inch the style queen. Get ready to turn the airport into your own personal runway and take business-class chic to new heights with our airport outfit ideas.

Ghazal Paris Lou Lou White Boot on a model

What summer airport outfits are trending this summer?

Whether you’re jetting off for a quick weekend trip or embarking on an extended vacation, looking pulled together from take off to touchdown is totally doable without a lot of fuss. There are some stunning summer airport outfits that should be on your radar this season. One airport outfit proving popular with fashion influencers is the midi-dress which will take you from plane to poolside. Of course, your footwear is key and we have some great Women’s shoes to pair with this airport look. If you want a little more height, while remaining comfortable, our mid-heel Cate sandals in silver are the perfect choice. With the right layers, accessories, and comfortable yet chic pieces, you’ll breeze through security feeling confident and ready to fully relax into your well-deserved getaway.

Heading Can comfy airport outfits still be stylish?

Clearly airport travel outfit ideas need to be comfortable. Opt for stylish ensembles that are easy to move around in. Think yoga pants paired with a fitted tee or tank and denim jacket. Or a maxi-dress with breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. For a pair of women’s shoes that go with everything and are super easy to slip on and off at security, sliders are a great option for an airport outfit. Our Chloe black sliders are super comfortable. With these effortless tips, you’ll exude business-class chic from the curb to the cabin and beyond. The only baggage you will need to claim after your flight is your fashionista status!

Ghazal Paris Cate silver mid-heels side photo

TOP 10 Fashion Influencers

You Need to Follow These 10 Fashion Influencers to Elevate Your Own Style

Following a fashion influencer (or ten..) is a great way to stay ahead of the ‘fashion’ curve. Style bloggers provide inspiration on what, and indeed not, to wear to a particular event and are usually the first to know about any new trends, brands or products. By sharing their personal style, influencer outfits can also help get us out of any fashion ruts we might currently be experiencing! So, for those of us who love to be in the know about emerging trends and garner ideas on how to put together our own unique look – following some of the best fashion influencers gracing social media is a must. Are you ready to elevate your style? Read on to find out who are the hottest fashion influencers right now!

Who is the most followed fashion influencer?

The number of fashion instagrammers sharing their tips online seems to have exploded in the past few years but if there’s one person you should be following its New Yorker Jenny Walton! From her trademark vintage earrings, of which she owns over 100 pairs, to her iconic up-do – you won’t be short of influencer styles to muse over. Jenny is often seen at star-studded events wearing her hallmark high heels and has donned our Bella platforms to several glitzy events. In keeping with Jenny Walton outfit ideas, Parisienne Camille Charrière – should definitely be on your radar. The journalist, who has collaborated with brands like Chloé, Mango and H&M, is known for her sharp and irreverent take on fashion, effortlessly showcased while wearing Ghazal’s Jackie 85 in black and white.

Jenny Walton wearing Ghazal Bella Black pumps

Who to follow for fashion trends on Instagram?

From world-renowned sports women to DJs and TV presenters, it’s not just style bloggers you should be following to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Serena Williams is well-known for her style both on and off the court. Who can forget that ballerina inspired purple-and-brown tutu dress at the 2018 US Open? This fashion-forward American always expresses her fun side through what she wears and is well worth a place on your fashion instagrammers list! The best fashion influencers are the ones that make it look effortless, and former model and actress Lilah Parsons does just that.  Well-known for mixing designer and high-street, Lilah radiates class in whatever she wears. A great example being when she wore Ghazal’s Inès Pumps while FROW, pairing the shoes with a pale powder blue mid-length dress.

What fashion blogger should I follow?

With over 8 million followers on Instagram, there is no mistaking that Olivia Palermo is a major fashion influencer and has perfected that effortless cosmopolitan look to aplomb. Olivia Palermo style ideas have made millions of us obsess about what she will post next and what she’s wearing on her feet is always closely monitored! Pumps in a variety of colour popping hues are a favourite for Olivia, as seen when she wore our orange Ines. However, this fashion icon often swaps towering heels for a pair of Mid-heels when running around the city. As a model, Sarah Tarleton knows a thing or two about fashion and is up there in the influencer styles stakes! With her girl next door look, she is equally glamorous whether in heels or flats. One of her trademark looks is cropped stonewash wide-leg jeans with a simple white shirt which she modelled perfectly with Ghazal’s Lee rhinestone slingbacks. Taking inspiration from her starring role on Gossip Girl, the actress Kelly Rutherford loves documenting her love of fashion on Instagram. Favouring chic and elegance, her shoes are often classic in style as recently demonstrated when she wore our Jackie black and white pumps with a fitted black maxi dress.

Sarah Tarleton wearing Ghazal black mule
Olivia Palerno wearing Ghazal Ines orange pumps
Kelly Rutherford wearing Ghazal Jackie pumps

What influencer outfits are trending this season?

Model, actor and make-up mogul, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the queen of minimalist style. Largely opting for neutral tones, she exudes LA-cool style, mixing masculine and feminine elements in an outfit like boxy blazers with Platforms. With nearly 19 million followers on Instagram, this fashion influencer easily makes our top 10 for influencer styles that should be on your radar this season. Famously married to the suave George Clooney, barrister Amal Clooney has a timeless, elegant style using what she wears to make bold and impressive statements. Formerly known for her prim-and-proper, uptown style, Australian actress Margot Robbie has of late been favouring designs that are all about easy tailoring. However, more recently she was spotted wearing oversized striped button-shirt over leather thigh-high boots, complete with a red leather Cassette. This Hollywood starlet’s fashion sense will never fail to inspire and surprise. With these 10 fashion instagrammers by your side, you can do no wrong!

Modern Minimalist Style

Your Go-To Guide to Captivating, Timeless & Minimalist Outfits

Are you tired of the excess? The clutter and chaos? And crave simplicity and clean lines? If you want a wardrobe where each piece serves a purpose, minimalist fashion is calling your name. Minimalist style is more than a trend – it’s a lifestyle that celebrates simplicity. In fashion, it means streamlining your closet to high-quality essentials in a neutral colour palette. Think crisp button-downs, tailored trousers, soft knits, and sleek accessories. A minimalist wardrobe may be pared down, but it’s anything but boring. You’ll always look stylish and put together with minimal effort. Now that’s fashion freedom!

Can you be minimalist and fashionable?

Minimalism and fashion are not mutually exclusive. In fact, minimalist clothing is all about carefully curated, high-quality pieces that make a statement. When done right, a minimalist wardrobe for women can be incredibly chic and fashion-forward. The key is focusing on fit, fabric, and silhouette. Invest in perfectly tailored separates, premium natural fibres like silk or cashmere, and simple but striking shapes. With minimalism, less is more. But that less must be impeccably designed and fitted. Of course every minimalist style needs a statement pair of Women’s shoes. When your wardrobe is pared down to just the essentials, each piece must be high quality and a perfect fit. If done right, minimalist fashion is a showstopper.

Ghazal Paris Black Ines Pump side photo

Why is minimalist fashion so demanded?

Minimalism in fashion is all about simplicity. When it comes to fashion, a minimalist style is all about clean lines, solid colours and avoiding excess embellishments. This pared-down aesthetic is appealing because it’s timeless, versatile, and lets the natural beauty of high-quality, well-fitting garments shine through. A minimalist capsule wardrobe means you can create many outfits from a few essential pieces. The key to curating the best minimalist outfits is choosing a few high-quality staples in neutral or solid colours that fit well and suit your body type. Pair them with stylish, minimalist footwear like Mid-heels or loafers. The result is an elegant, captivating look that endures fashion fads and spotlights your natural radiance.

Ghazal Paris Lisa nude mid-heels side photo

 Heading What colours do minimalists wear?

A minimalist wardrobe for women needs to contain lots of items that have a neutral, muted colour palette. Think shades of beige, grey, white, and black. These timeless colours are perfect for creating simple yet stylish outfits. The ultimate guide to finding your personal style isn’t about making a list of personal wardrobe rules, rather having fun and experimenting and minimalist clothing can help you achieve that. In moderation, minimalists may also incorporate other muted colours like olive, burgundy or forest green. Adding this pop of colour into your footwear with a pair of elegant Pumps is a great way to do this. In general, sticking to a neutral palette will ensure a pared-back yet polished minimalist style.

How to style Minimalist outfits

The golden rule in minimalist fashion is keep it simple. When styling minimalist outfits, less is more. Focus on high-quality, versatile pieces in solid colours or simple prints. Minimalist fashion can include fitted t-shirts, tank tops, pencil skirts and straight leg blue jeans. Predominantly wear black, white, grey and nude colours. Add interest with texture, like a chunky knit sweater or leather jacket. Keep accessories to a minimum – a simple watch or necklace is all you need. For shoes, opt Flat shoes such as loafers, or low-heeled pumps. A minimalist wardrobe for women allows your natural beauty to shine through. With high-quality pieces in a neutral palette, you’ll always look stylish and put-together with little effort required. So there you have it, your go-to guide to modern minimalist style. When done right, a minimalist wardrobe and style can be incredibly captivating and timeless.

Ghazal Paris Burgundy Jackie Pump side photo
Ghazal Paris black Sophie flats side photo

The Best On Trend Shoes to Purchase This Season

What are the Best On Trend Shoes to Purchase This Season?

If your wardrobe needs a seasonal update, the best place to start is from the feet up! Shoes that will become part of your ‘forever wardrobe’ create a solid foundation -so what better way to step into this season than in some of the biggest shoe trends of 2023? Here we guide you through the best on trend shoes that should be gracing your wardrobe this season.

What shoes are currently trending?

The footwear motto this summer is “The higher, the better” with one of the key trending shoes this season being ankle-strap Platform shoes. Sky-high shoes are back in fashion and the platform craze is in it for the long-haul. Ultra-fine, super strap detailing was the underlying footwear theme at the likes of Givenchy. Our chunky Bella Green platform shoes with ankle strap are designed for women who prefer a more unconventional alternative to a classic pair of simple stilettos. If you still want to stand out from the crowd without sacrificing your comfort, our elegant Mules are a wardrobe staple this season and Ghazal’s Satin Ivan collection – in gold, nude, black, red and fuchsia – hit the shine brief for one of the key trending shoes in 2023.


What shoe trends this season are a wardrobe staple?

When it comes to what shoes to invest in, the trend here it seems are shoes that either coordinate perfectly with your ensemble, or shoes that are subtle and understated enough to let the outfit speak for itself. Which means one wardrobe staple that will stand the test of time is a high-quality pair of classic Pumps. Buckle embellishments on our black and white Jackie Pumps are on trend shoes for women this season and should feature as one of your ‘must-have’ purchases.

Trendy platform shoes for this season

What trending shoes are best for work?

Look out for anything with straps, criss-cross details, laces, or ties – all huge on the runways now. Mid-heels are a great alternative to flats when you are on your feet all day but still want a bit of height. Our Cate Sandal Mid heels with strap come in black, nude and silver and are classically inconspicuous working with all business attire. As one of the key shoe trends this season, strappy sandals with peep toes provide that polished and classy look you demand for workdays.

Elegant and trendy mid-heels for this season

What trending shoes for women can I wear all day?

As much as platform soles are having a moment right now, so too are flats. But not just any Flat shoes – these are fancy flats which will add some pizzaz to your day-time wardrobe. A pair of sling backs like our Lee silhouette is one of the key shoe trends this season. This classic style will last for years in your closet and is on point with its beautiful diamond embellishment. Perfectly sleek with everything from dresses to jeans or pair with tailored trousers, an oversized blazer, and a simple grey tank for an understated, undoubtedly chic look you can wear from day to night.

If you’re looking to recreate the edgy-look seen on the runways this year, combat boots are one of the key on trend shoes this season. To make the look work in warmer weather pair miliary style ankle Boots with a floral tee dress or a flirty bohemian frock. Lou Lou in glossy black leather with the lace-up and zip enhancements are perfect for all-day wearing – add a leather jacket during the evening to toughen up the look further.

Trendy flat shoes for this season

Practical Style Guide: Perfect Garden Party Attire for Warmer Seasons

Practical Style Guide: Perfect Garden Party Attire for Warmer Seasons

Garden party outfits are not as restrictive as some may think, follow a few simple guidelines and you will be a flawless party guest! Garden party attire should be dressy but typically not too formal, effortless but not too casual. Flowing pretty fabrics are a great way to stay cool on those warmer days and pastels, whites and primary colours are a key component. Leave your dark hues at home and choose pieces that put a spring in your step! From colour pop pumps to elegant mules – our style guide offers practical advice on what to invest in this party season.

What is appropriate to wear to a garden party?

Outdoor gatherings can range from casual to formal, so pay special attention to the dress code on the invite. Garden party attire can include everything from feminine and flirty dresses and skirts to polished jumpsuits and trouser suits. Whatever you decide to wear, our selection of classic pumps are the ultimate garden party attire. Ghazal’s heeled pumps for every occasion are versatile and elegant as recently illustrated by UK radio DJ, TV presenter and actress Lilah Parsons when she attended London Fashion Week. Lilah’s choice of spring outfits showed how Pumps can effortlessly accentuate any look on demand. The former model was spotted FROW wearing Ghazal’s Inès pumps in nude with a bright yellow trouser suit in a bold daisy pattern. Then later, wearing a soft pale blue mid-length dress – both outfits that transfer easily to a garden party setting.

Lilah Parsons wearing Ghazal Paris shoes on LFW SS23
Lilah Parsons wearing Ghazal Paris Ines nude

What not to wear to a garden party?

Garden parties are usually relaxed affairs, so opt for something comfortable but with a hint of elegance. On hot days perhaps avoid anything too tight but if you do, embrace the sheer trend in the form of tulle, organza, and mesh – a key trend this year. Assuming the party is not black tie, jeans can be acceptable to wear to an informal garden party – if you’re going for an understated look, one wardrobe staple that will tick the garden party dress code is slim fit dark jeans, white shirt, and a gorgeous classic stiletto. Stitch Fix brand ambassador Laura-Ann illustrated this look perfectly when she teamed her outfit with white Ines Pumps. To add a little more detail to your garden party outfits this season, our timeless patent leather pump with slim T-bar and ankle strap makes for great garden party attire. The iconic Jackie Pump in white or nude provides that touch of sophistication. Model Xiayan Guo opted for Jackie Pumps in black and white with a vampy floor length black gown ticking all the right boxes of an evening garden party dress code. If you want to add a pop of bold colour to an otherwise muted look, Ghazal’s Colour Pop collection is the perfect accompaniment. Pair any of these bold brights with a straight-legged trouser and you’ll be set apart in any crowd.

Ghazal White Ines Pumps to wear for a garden party.

What is garden chic dress code?

For a classy chic look, a floral tee dress or mid length pastel skirt is always a great choice. If a dress isn’t your thing opt for lighter trousers with a classic white or grey tank and oversized blazer for the evening. Garden party outfits in lighter colours are great for a casual garden party with good weather! Pair with Mules to look and feel graceful without sacrificing comfort. Our Colette Mule in white are effortlessly feminine and flirty and the perfect match to garden party chic attire. Actress Nell Hudson showed how to transition between the seasons with ease when she wore Ghazal’s Colette in pink with a floral frock by designer Olivia Rubin, while Italian fashion and beauty influencer Rita Capparelli paired her pink Colette mules with an oversized black blazer and pastel silk skirt. Both perfect garden party outfits for 2023.

Ghazal's white pump shoes with a strap and decorative flowers
Nell Hudson wearing Ghazal Paris Colette pink mule
Ghazal pump shoes with a decorative flower ornament in a glass
Rita Cap wearing Ghazal Paris Colette pink mule
Colette mule the perfect shoes for a garden party

What are some casual garden party outfit ideas?

While many garden parties require dressier garden party attire, not everyone loves getting dressed up – and, a casual BBQ garden party need not be such a stylish event. In this case, you can ditch the heels to opt for flat shoes! Both the white or tan shades in our Sophie loafers are ideal for garden party attire and warmer weather. But, if you do prefer a little height yet still want to be comfortable, Mid-heels are a great option. Our Lisa Mid-heel in nude will complement many casual outfits while still allowing you to remain comfortable all day long. Houda, founder of Ghazal Paris, illustrated this look perfectly when she wore her Ines white pumps with an electric blue lace mini-dress to a private event.

The perfect mid-heels to wear for a garden party

Match These 4 Pairs of Shoes with Winter Outfits To Look Effortlessly Chic

How to create a timeless winter wardrobe

Essentially, a thoughtfully curated capsule winter wardrobe is built over time. Side-step trends to invest in high-quality pieces that will not only stand the test of time but offer an array of casual winter outfits that you can mix and match with little thought.  

For an everyday winter wardrobe, begin with the core staples: A white t-shirt, one or two pairs of well-fitting jeans, a white blouse, a soft cashmere pullover, and a versatile chunky knit. If you’re wondering, what can I wear instead of jeans in the winter? Then add some wide-leg pants, black leggings, a midi skirt, and a few pairs of denier tights to inspire a number of casual winter outfits.

But, what do you wear to go out in the winter? Consider adding some pieces that you can easily dress up or down, such as a slip dress, a fail-safe LBD, some tailored trousers, a classic tank top, and a mini skirt. Now if you’re thinking, “okay but how do you dress warm and cute in the winter?”, simply add a sequinned dress or skirt and a leather skirt or trousers that you can pull a chunky knit over to dress up your winter going out outfits and keep warm too.

Moving on to outerwear, the warmest clothes for winter starts with a pure wool coat will keep you warm and look great thrown over everything, add a trench to pull any look together, an oversized blazer for instant chic, and a biker jacket for a little edge that can take your looks from day to night in a beat. With this functional winter wardrobe, you can forget decision fatigue and put together winter outfits for any occasion at a moment’s notice, the only thing left to decide, is which shoes…

How to style smart loafers with a classic winter outfit

A pair of comfy smart loafers are a classic style that will last for years in your shoe closet. Sophie is perfectly sleek with everything from dresses to jeans. More preppy than ballet flats, a timeless loafer will always be found in the winter wardrobe of the style elite. Pair with jeans, skirts, dresses or tailored trousers to effortlessly chic casual winter outfits.

Another must-have winter style is a chunky military boot – Lou Lou ankle boots come in soft black leather, black patent, or white, with minimal details. You can wear them with literally everything you own in your winter wardrobe, here are 3 stylish ways to wear a dress with boots.

Black elegant loafer shoes

Winter outfits to wear with black heels

How do you wear heels in cold winter? Okay, so black heels are practically a given. No winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of trustee black pumps. Our signature style, the Jackie pumps from our Icon collection is, without doubt, the most elegant of silhouettes featuring a T-bar strap with discreet silver buckle, available in a black patent leather with three heel heights, including a comfortable mid-heel, or our most coveted style the Jackie black + white, available with a modest 85mm stiletto heel.

Inès is another timeless style from our Icon collection that adds a touch of glamour to any look, available in a sumptuous soft black suede, these versatile pumps are available with an 85mm or 100mm heel. 

Women wearing black pumps

How to pair mules with elegant winter outfits 

Providing maximum winter outfit ideas, mules are a must-have in every winter wardrobe, as they offer so much wearability. Elevate any look with simple pointed-toe mid-heels that pair well with jeans, dresses, skirts, slim-leg, wide-leg, straight-leg, and the list goes on… Whatever your style, the Colette mid-heel mule is going to refine it. Available in shiny black patent, nude, for pared-back looks or a range of bold tones to choose from, these little mules are easily wearable with almost any bottoms for an understated, stylish look.

Women wearing mules shoes and a dog standing next to her

Winter outfit ideas with stylish party pumps

Last, but absolutely not least, is a pair of party pumps. Whilst the previously mentioned all-black or black + white Jackie pumps are certainly not to be overlooked as a versatile party companion for going out winter outfits, and neither are the sumptuously soft Ines black suede pumps however, if you’d rather something a little bolder to add to your evening winter wardrobe, both Jackie 100 and Inès 100 are also available in five bright hues including lime, light blue, and paintbox pink to spark winter going out outfit ideas aplenty.

If you’d rather a style that can lend to festive occasions too, Jackie 85 in silver or classic red suede are timeless staple shades to consider adding to any capsule winter wardrobe. 

Red party pumps

Christmas Outfit Ideas: What Shoes to Wear to a Christmas Party

Wondering what to wear to a Christmas party?

Crystal-encrusted. Deep red satins. Shiny metallics. Glossy patents. Block heels. Kitten heels. Platforms. Fancy flats. T-Strap pumps. Failsafe footwear that inspires a number of Christmas party outfit ideas begins with Ghazal’s icon collection. These timeless designs merge a sophisticated allure with a dash of contemporary, making them versatile and fun to experiment with what to wear to a Christmas party. From our most coveted style the Jackie T-bar pumps to the saviour classic silhouette Ines, or for a slip-on style that’s so comfortable, you can barely feel them under your feet the Colette. You’re just a click away from unboxing the ultimate holiday season party shoes!

Christmas party outfit ideas

Strike the impossible balance of comfort and style, evoking a number of Christmas party outfit ideas with our iconic Jackie T-Bar Pumps, whether teamed with jeans or something more dressy, the Jackie red suede t-bar pumps will add a festive spin to any ensemble. Also available within our mid-heels range in a lower 60mm heel to take you from the house party to the bar in a beat. If you’re an all-black-everything fan, wondering ‘can you wear black for Christmas?” The answer is YES! With the Jackie black patent style, you’ll soon be dreaming up what to wear on Christmas day in no time. Jackie black is here to pair with gorgeous party dresses this holiday season, and there’s just enough time for delivery before the festivities begin too… Jackie always has you covered.

What colours can you wear to a Christmas party?

Inès is a wardrobe saviour available in an array of gorgeous shades for any type of festive feast, holiday gathering, or Christmas party. From winter white to icy blue or pared-back black to festive red, let the Inès pumps ignite your imagination full of Christmas outfit ideas. This iconic silhouette incorporates timeless design, the finest Italian craftsmanship, and the utmost attention to detail for an effortlessly wearable style that balances classic elegance with understated glamour. Set on a slender 85mm or 100mm stiletto heel, hand-crafted in Italy with the softest Nappa leather, Inès is designed to make you look and feel fabulous. Side-step trends for an iconic style you can wear beyond the party.

Black pumps matched with elegant trousers for a Christmas party

What do you wear to a family Christmas party?

For some parties, an overly dressy look may feel too much, which begs the question “what do you wear to a casual Christmas party?” Step ahead in Colette, the sophisticated yet versatile low-heeled mules available in both classic and bold hues, allowing you to seamlessly explore all sides of your festive wardrobe. Colette pairs perfectly with almost everything, demurely leveling up any look. If you’d prefer something with a little sparkle, Chloè might just be the one. This fancy flat slider style is a must-have statement shoe that pairs easily with dresses, tailored pants, jeans, or anything goes. Forget pondering Christmas party outfit ideas and let Chloè inspire your festive look with a rhinestone-encrusted band that will elevate any outfit in your wardrobe.

Wondering what to wear on Christmas day?

Forget decision fatigue with Ivan; expertly handcrafted in Italy with premium materials and precious details to ensure maximum comfort and durability, you’ll be the best-dressed guest at the dinner table this year, guaranteed. These elegant satin ruched mules are encrusted with a crystal band to add a touch of glamour to any look. Available in red, gold, black, or fuchsia pink, let Ivan inspire your Christmas Day outfit ideas to ensure you celebrate in style. The mule Ivan is a timeless wardrobe addition that can be worn year after year.

Red pumps on chair

3 Stylish ways to wear a dress with boots

reinvent your style with sophistication

A feminine dress and boots are somewhat of a controversial combination that years before was a total faux pas, but times have changed and controversial looks are cool. There’s nothing like a pair of chunky black boots to add some edge to a floral dress. Throw a leather jacket over the top, and you have a chic yet totally effortless look. This is why a pair of timeless military boots are a must-have. They’re seasonless and work with numerous outfits in your closet, including dresses! A quality pair, or two, of boots are year-round wardrobe staples. Thanks to their distinctive design and the highest quality leather, Ghazal’s comfortable and stylish ankle boots for women will become your new favourite staple pair of chunky boots to wear with dresses, from subtle and delicate fabrics to warm and soft knits.


In order to feel both confident and graceful in a dress, most women will suggest investing in a staple pair of classic pumps or charming mid-heels, and although we agree, a simple smock or midi dress and boots will push you to redefine what femininity and sensuality really mean. Our iconic Lou Lou boots, available in soft white leather or patent and matte black, are the epitome of comfort with a subtle grunge edge. For an understated, yet chic look, simply pair your favourite dress with boots by Ghazal; a military-style ankle boot handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials and attention to detail. The chunky sole toughens up your look, whilst the buttery soft leather ensures you can stomp into the new season with both style and comfort. Select Ghazal’s chunky boots to wear with dresses and elevate your outfit in a moment to complement your vibrant personality.



A floral or bohemian maxi dress and boots designed by Ghazal are a perfect option for women who wish to balance their femininity with well-defined footwear. A gauzy maxi dress with boots with an oval toe and a stacked heel is an unexpected match that creates an aura of rebelliousness in your look while still preserving class. A long-sleeve maxi dress with a colourful, contemporary design and sheer fabric paired with our white,  Lou Lou boots will serve perfectly as a casual, everyday outfit while a monochromatic dress and boots by Ghazal in their gentle, black edition is an ideal solution for more elegant, evening look. Indulge in the infinite ways of wearing your beloved dress and boots that emanate quality and style thanks to our sophisticated selection of women’s boots.


A soft satin slip dress with boots is a visual representation of what fashion is all about. It is a creative blend of opposite forces that outwardly appear to contradict each other, but after taking a second look, they reflect and embrace the contrasts of everyday life. Wearing a subtle slip dress and boots designed by Ghazal is stylish and put together, yet liberated and adventurous. For a classy and timeless look, opt for the matte Lou Lou boots and pair them with a black, mini dress with lace trims, complementing the outfit with chunky jewellery staples. Looking for something a bit more eccentric? Add a fluffy fur coat over your beloved dress and boots or slip a turtleneck under the dress for an effortlessly fashionable solution.



Cozy knit dresses made of soft wool paired with Ghazal’s chunky boots are an absolute go-to look for autumnal or wintery weather. A black sweater dress and boots in the white edition give you the opportunity to prioritise comfort without sacrificing fashion. On the contrary, black leggings or think tights with a vibrant knitted dress and boots made by Ghazal is another great match for a more on-trend look. No matter which style feels more like you, you can be reassured that a knit dress and boots stand for comfort and class. Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. Our iconic designs are made to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change, and yet never give up on their style.

7 Autumn outfits you need to try out with these shoes

To look stunning and inspirational

Although autumn colours remind you that certain things come to an end, the upcoming season of succulent reds, oranges, browns and yellows is actually a perfect opportunity to start anew. Autumn fashion, full of rich shades, fabrics and textures has an untapped potential for accentuating your distinctive features and sensual silhouette, while remaining committed to the comfort and functionality of the entire look. Thanks to Ghazal’s versatile collection of women’s shoes for autumn, you can be reassured that your autumn outfits will be unquestionably stunning and inspirational.


While summer season is an epitome of fashion anarchy and liberation, enabling you to make quick, spontaneous decisions about which shoes to wear when the sun shines bright round-the-clock, autumn fashion asks you to be more mindful and finely balanced. To ensure that you are always prepared for unexpected weather changes, a prerequisite for stunning autumn outfits is a versatile range of autumn boots, comfortable flats, stylish mules and mid-heels, to name a few. Chunky boots on a stacked heel will bring you resistance, while our loafers and heeled shoes are an ideal solution for captivating autumn outfit ideas, effortlessly elevating your look without compromising functionality. Discover different styles and the sophisticated design of Ghazal women’s shoes and choose a pair that feel like you.



A black, navy, beige or khaki relaxed fit coat paired with our chunky Lou Lou boots is a match made in heaven. Ghazal chunky boots are not only ideal shoes for autumn, but they perfectly complement long, oversized coats that keep you dry in wet and gloomy weather. Turtlenecks are a must-have autumn staple, that match with an A-line mini skirt and pointed-toe pumps as a stylish alternative for a warmer autumnal day. Whilst another casual, simple, and yet chic outfit consists of a chunky sweater, a trustee pair of jeans and minimalist mules, Colette. Regardless of whether you are heading to the park with your furry friend or grabbing a quick coffee to go with your partner, these autumn outfit ideas will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe while ensuring that your comfort is still an utmost priority.


If you wish to take your autumn fashion style up a notch this season, a classic tweed cropped box blazer layered over a simple t-shirt or thin roll neck top for colder days, with a coordinating tweed mini skirt or shorts with thick denier black tights and the black patent t-bar Jackie 60s channels your inner Cher from the cult-classic 90s movie Clueless. One of our other fave autumn outfits makes our mid-heels a beloved companion. Simply pull on your favourite soft cashmere sweater with a pair of wide-leg palazzo pants and slip on the brown suede Jackie 60s, the low-heel offers comfort, whilst still adding a little hidden height beneath. Add some 70s-inspired shades and a large soft, slouchy tote bag to finish off the look. At least one pair of Ghazal’s mid-heel shoes are a must-have for every woman’s autumn closet.



The last look from our varied selection of autumn outfit ideas is the perfect casual date night look with a pair of straight-cut jeans, a fitted white top and our comfy fail-safe flat shoes. If your style tends to be pared-back, or you’re newly venturing into the world of loafers, Sophie is perfectly sleek with everything from dresses to jeans. Much like ballet flats, but with a preppy edge. This classic style will last for years in your shoe closet and is available in four autumn colours. Embellished with the Ghazal monogram to add a little glamour, the style not only pairs effortlessly with jeans but also with endless other autumn fashion looks. Ghazal’s classic loafers are effortlessly wearable and understated, yet elegant. Our iconic designs are created to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change, yet never give up on their style.

Ghazal Paris Red Ines Pump 85 styled with a beige trench coat
Ghazal Paris Red Ines Pump 85 close-up photo

The 4 best wedding guest shoes to wear

Look stunning & classy.

There is nothing more precious than seeing your loved ones tying the knot in an idyllic setting filled with love and nostalgia. Intimate gatherings like this bring back indescribable memories from the past and create an aura of anticipation about what is yet to come. Weddings are also an ideal time to finally pull out that stunning satin midi dress you’ve been saving in your closet for the right occasion. Time to invest in a high-quality, staple pair of wedding guest shoes that not only exude elegance but provide you with the highest level of comfort to see you through the full day celebration. Ghazal’s diversified collection of women’s shoes reflects the most desired features of the best wedding guest shoes that will ensure your look is both refined and effortlessly chic.




What makes a great pair of wedding guest shoes? The magic lies in detail. Subtle embellishment, timeless design, and a contemporary colour palette. That is why, Ghazal’s versatile selection of patterned platform shoes is the perfect choice of wedding guest heels for women who are confident, assertive and unafraid to take risks. Our platforms fuse a classic stiletto heel with unconventional colour combinations that pair flawlessly with an elegant dress or two-piece wedding look, illustrating distinctive style and personality. Our beloved wedding guest shoes with a platform pay tribute to the fashion world that empowers diversity, authenticity and innovation. Ghazal’s Bella platforms are designed to inspire you to reach your full potential. Wear our comfortable wedding heels with unapologetic confidence, knowing that our platforms will provide you with incomparable style and quality during these unforgettable moments.



Alfresco weddings in quaint gardens and courtyards appear to evoke our deepest desires and dreams. The smell of greenery and fresh breeze on our skin makes us more emotional and connected to nature than in any other season. For this special occasion, finding a perfect pair of wedding guest shoes that will reassure you with incredible comfort has never been more challenging. For this reason, Ghazal’s stunning collection of mid-heels has come to fruition. Our iconic mid-heels are exemplary wedding guest shoes that elevate every look – walk with grace and enchant your peers without any effort. Thanks to their captivating design and decorative elements, Ghazal’s mid-heel shoes instantly refine every look, whether it be a dress or wedding suit set, making them your new favourite wedding guest heels.

Red Jackie Pumps - best wedding guest shoes to wear


An autumnal aura filled with saturated shades of red, orange and yellow inspires us to bring out what is the best in our designer wedding guest shoes. A rich colour palette, sublime designs and the legacy of Italian craftsmanship represent a blend of traditionality and innovation, which are the most sought-after characteristics in every stylish and comfortable heel for a wedding. That is why Ghazal’s stunning mules are designed with meticulous attention to fulfil those expectations. Our simple pointed-toe mules on a kitten heel, Colette, are perfect examples of comfy wedding shoes that are equally elegant, feminine and comfortable. Colette in their nude, white or black edition will accentuate the class and sophistication of your wedding look, while our high-coloured mules in the hues of lime, orange, pink or light blue will add a touch of eccentric elegance. Are you seeking a pair of wedding guest heels that make a statement? Ghazal’s iconic mules with a sculptural ruched upper panel and strap on the toe, Ivan, are the missing ingredient in your stylish, autumnal outfit. 



For some, weddings are a perfect occasion to set oneself apart from others and wear a  less conventional pair of wedding guest heels. It is an opportunity to get creative with different looks, mixing and matching styles, patterns and colours. Others may prefer to opt for the timelessness of classic wedding guest heels that not only represent style and refinement in their highest form but are also the safest solution when you want to feel effortlessly confident and at ease. For this reason, Ghazal’s pumps have been carefully designed to acquire the best qualities of traditional wedding guest shoes without compromising their unique style. Our versatile selection of iconic pumps, available in different colours and materials, will make you redefine what it truly feels like to wear incredibly comfortable wedding guest heels.

Ghazal Paris Colette nude mule close-up photo

Heeled pumps for every occasion

Comfortable heels you need to have in your wardrobe.

The golden rule of every capsule wardrobe stresses the importance of having a staple pair of heels not only because they transform even the simplest of outfits but mainly because they make you feel good. Comfortable heels represent womanhood and femininity. They accentuate the power of a woman who embraces her gentle qualities and lets her most authentic side take charge. That is why Ghazal’s heeled pumps embody aspiration to the highest form of self-expression, regardless of whether your style is subtle and minimalistic or bold and eclectic.



A beige Ghazal Paris Jackie pump placed on a couch in matching color


Whether it is a designer dress, suit co-ord or oversized blazer, a pair of classic pumps are an absolute necessity in every woman’s life. Comfortable heels not only complement every look adding a touch of elegance and sophistication but they also elevate outfits that are meant to embody more nonchalance and effortlessness. What distinguishes Ghazal’s shoes? Our iconic heeled pumps are more than that. Ghazal’s comfortable heels are made to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change yet never give up on their style. They serve to empower you to be more courageous equally in your professional and personal life. Thanks to Ghazal’s comfortable high heels, you can completely change a look from morning to evening, and therefore influence your attitude and the way you feel. Your comfort is our priority.



The uniqueness of Ghazal’s heeled pumps is that you can walk in comfortable heels all day without having to worry about getting tired. They are equally perfect for work environments and a night out with friends due to their carefully crafted design and sublime detail. Our gorgeous black stilettos, Inès, will pair seamlessly with a classic shirt, formal trousers or smart dress, while the same silhouette of heeled pumps in their colour pop edition will accentuate every muted outfit that requires a touch of colour. Are you on the lookout for an elegant and fashionable variation of heeled pumps? Ghazal’s comfortable heels, Jackie, our highly-coveted slim T-bar pumps are a great alternative to Inès, adding understated glamour with their decorative ankle strap. Ghazal’s comfortable high heels will satisfy even the most discerning woman thanks to the versatile collection and Italian quality of our heeled pumps.


A woman’s beauty can only be measured by the energy she exudes. How confidently she expresses her thoughts and ideas. How gracefully she crosses a room full of people. That is why Ghazal’s heeled pumps, the most comfortable heels in our collection, possess the best qualities of classic stilettos to empower you to strive for your desires. You do not have to compromise comfort to look stunningly attractive. Ghazal’s comfortable high heels have been made with passion and love, paying meticulous attention to the quality of leather, stylish and convenient design, and the role stilettos intend to play in women’s everyday life. Each and every woman is meant for something bigger than ourselves, and Ghazal’s heeled pumps are an invaluable companion to everyday life in the pursuit of your dreams.



Ghazal’s selection of comfortable heels are designed to merge the past with the future. We create shoes that pay tribute to the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and the highest quality of materials while inviting modernity and innovation with their distinctive designs. Our classic edition of heeled pumps covers the versatility of colours and materials, from patent and metallic leather to suede, so Ghazal’s comfortable heels not only pair with your beloved skirts, jeans and chinos but also perfectly represent your unique style. Thanks to Ghazal’s stunning heeled pumps, you will always feel effortlessly chic, confident and attractive, yet comfortable, no matter where you are. 

What shoes to wear to brunch

Simple & timeless brunch outfit ideas.

Brunch is not only a social event to indulge in a delicious meal, but an opportunity to get dressed up and give enjoy fashion, a moment to let your creativity take charge. Wondering what to wear to brunch? Indeed, finding the perfect pair of shoes that will make your brunch outfit effortlessly polished and relaxed requires much thought. For this reason, Ghazal has designed a stunning selection of women’s shoes that accentuates all winter and summer brunch outfits.




According to some, what we now know as eggs benedict, scones or fluffy pancakes accompanied by a fresh alcoholic beverage originated in 19th-century England. Others compete with Londoners, believing that New York was the birthplace of this legendary blend of breakfast and lunch. Usually served after 10 am, just before noon, typical brunch is not only a wonderful time to catch up with friends or go out with your loved one but also a perfect moment to dress up for the occasion, seemingly at a moment’s notice. Therefore, If you want to quickly elevate a brunch outfit without appearing too contrived, opt for one of Ghazal’s pointed-toe mules available in hues of lime, orange, light blue, or pink. Wearing colour pop mules with black wide-leg trousers and a little top is an easy way to invite some spontaneity to your elegant brunch outfit. If you’re seeking a more nonchalant and effortless brunch outfit, Ghazal’s flat shoes will bring style and indescribable comfort to your urban look. Our patent leather loafers Sophie will perfectly accompany a pair of jeans with an oversized shirt. In contrast, Ghazal’s flat slides Chloé with a shiny or fluffy strap will add a little femininity to your brunch outfit. That is exactly what brunch with Ghazal is all about. A mixture of elegant, easy and timeless footwear staples. 



Summer is our favourite season for brunching as you can finally uncover your legs and wear your beloved sheer dresses, pencil skirts and linen shirts. This is also the time when restaurants are opening their atmospheric gardens and terraces so that you can sip your mimosa basking in the warm sun outside in the fresh air. But what to wear to brunch to feel at ease and relaxed without compromising your style? The answer is simple, mid-heels. Putting on one of Ghazal’s stunning mid-heel shoes with a slim T-bar and ankle strap, Jackie 60, is a perfect way to take any summer brunch outfit to the next level without much effort. Pair your chosen mid-heels with simple chinos and a T-shirt to create a balance between elegance and comfort. If you want to go for a more glamourous brunch outfit, choose Ramatuelle, Ghazal’s mid-heel sandals with a crystal-embellished strap, available not only in black but also gold and fuchsia. Take inspiration for the most breathtaking brunch outfit ideas from our rarefied collection of heels, the Icons. They have been carefully selected to merge a sophisticated allure with a dash of contemporary. Our nude kitten heels, Colette, will flawlessly complement your midi skirt, while Ghazal’s mules, Vivienne, will add a chic touch to your brunch outfit thanks to the transparent heel revealing the Ghazal logo.

White Jackie Pumps best shoes to wear for brunch


Are you looking for a specific pair of staple shoes to transform your ordinary brunch outfit into a stylish ensemble? A pair that will inspire you to strive for the best and become the most authentic representation of you? The staple pumps you are looking for are called Inès, classic stilettos with elegant camber, available in different heel heights. Inès are perfect for more sophisticated brunch outfit ideas, smoothly elevating your look and making you walk confidently with grace. They will complement maxi dresses, suit sets and business casual brunch outfits thanks to their timeless design and a versatile range of colours. Choose your go-to clothes and pair them with Ghazal’s iconic pumps for the ultimate minimalist yet fashionable look. Immerse yourself in the thrill of creating glamorous outfits without having to worry about what to wear to brunch. Most of all, be unapologetically yourself and opt for brunch outfits that resonate with your unique style and personality. That is why our stunning pumps are one of the Icons; they equally possess the best qualities of classic stilettos and embody the spirit of modernity. Wearing Inès, you immediately establish a mood for the meeting, setting your simple brunch outfit apart from others. 



Cooler temperatures demand a slightly different approach, as brunch is no longer just a charming outdoor summer event and instead, it can be enjoyed in warm and cosy venues. Channel your inner it-girl and opt for a pair of chunky boots from your wardrobe, perfect for slightly more rebellious brunch outfit ideas. Winter brunch outfits with laced-up leather boots are a unique opportunity to break the rules. Pair one of Ghazal’s favourite black boots with a feminine dress to create a captivating contrast and a more edgy brunch outfit. Chunky shoes can also direct your focus to more subtle elements of your apparel like colour and fabric. Ghazal’s white boots, Lou Lou with an oval toe and stacked heel, will perfectly complement a chunky knit layered over a silk skirt. The potential for creating warm, cosy and gently elevated brunch outfits is endless. Set yourself free from any expectations and make your comfort the main priority. Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. The Ghazal woman is classy, elegant, confident and most importantly, in love with her uniqueness. 

Ghazal Paris Red Jackie Pump 100 on a model
Ghazal Paris Jackie Pump light pink on a model