Amal Earrings Small



Small serpentine earrings handmade in Italy, plated with 24-carat gold featuring the Ghazal monogram.

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One size. Dimensions : 33MM x 33MM
Material & Care

To maintain high quality, our laboratories in Tuscany perform an anti-allergic treatment on all Ghazal jewels and a first finish in white bronze.

Each Ghazal jewel is plated with a layer of galvanic in palladium, a precious and rare metal of the platinum family, which confers extreme shine to the jewel. Once the Palladium layer is applied, a thick layer of precious 24 kt Gold finishes each piece.

To preserve the beauty and shine of your Ghazal jewels pease avoid wearing during physical activity, showering, in the pool or by the sea. Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes or lotions. Do not clean with soaps or any chemicals, simply polish your jewel with a soft cloth and protect your Ghazal jewel, especially when traveling, using the canvas bag provided to avoid perishing.

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