About Ghazal

At the origin of Ghazal’s philosophy is the need to reinvent a paragon of a woman who was lost. Someone iconic, glamorous, and engaged. Ghazal wants her to reveal her inner power with accessories that embellish her; a detail that can completely change her look and the image she wants to convey.


In 2019, Ghazal was launched through the vision of Houda L. Ghazal.

Born in Rabat and raised amidst the two cities of Agadir and her hometown in Morocco, Houda’s ancestral French-Morccan tale began when her grandmother, born in Morocco during the early 1920s under French colonial influence, wedded Houda’s Moroccan grandfather. The union that kindled Houda’s passion for 19th-century French period literature.

Following her formative years, Houda relocated to Paris where she lived for 11 years, and graduated with a double degree at HEC Paris and law, however, it was a trip to Tuscany that awakened Houda’s creative spirit. Whilst in Florence, she was captivated by the artistry and meticulous craftsmanship of the Italian luxury industry. An experience that sparked her vision for Ghazal, a brand that would stand out for its bold and spirited attitude.

Later, moving to London, where she still lives, Houda launched Ghazal Paris in late 2019, introducing her debut shoe collection. The brand’s annual capsule offerings are an ode to modernity, diversity, and, above all, beauty. Thus, it was inevitable to extend its presence into the realm of jewellery, so in 2023 the first collection ‘The Amal Series’ was launched.


It’s key to understand that Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. The aesthetic of the brand is authentic, inspirational, and exuberant, meeting the needs of a woman who is discerning, genuine, self-confident, strong, and incredibly chic, whatever this concept means to her.

Houda’s Moroccan roots, which carry a rich heritage of Arab and Berber jewels, are interwoven with eclectic inspirations from the world of art. Ghazal combines vibrancy and creativity with classic elegance. Capsule collections of exquisite statement pieces designed to accompany the contemporary woman.


With buttery leather, soft suede and precious details, Ghazal combines bold, spirited, and feminine design with the finest Italian artistry. Ghazal puts each and every woman at the top of her own priority list. Stepping into Ghazal is empowering, giving every woman the courage they need to be iconic.


Inspired by the iconic Ghazal pictogram, our Jewels are meticulously crafted with exquisite 24-carat gold plate, palladium plate, and powerful healing crystals to promote the flow of good energy. Opulent collections that stand as an emblem of both luxury and artistry.

An invaluable companion to your everyday life.


Italian Craftsmanship: Ghazal has made the clear choice to source, craft and produce all their accessories in Tuscany, Italy with a family-run business. Ghazal is an emblem of quality and craftsmanship: the finest materials and attention to detail delivers fine pieces that are quintessentially premium.


Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, Ghazal fuses French-Moroccan heritage with eclectic artistic references and timeless silhouettes to create iconic designs. Using exquisite materials, the label combines these iconic designs with the finest craftsmanship.


Ghazal is a posture, an attitude. Iconic pieces made to serve the everyday life of women that are in constant movement and change, yet never give up on their style. Accessories are a detail. Just a detail. A small detail that holds the power to completely change a look from AM to PM, and therefore influence the woman’s attitude and the way she feels.

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